The NBU said about the situation with state-owned banks in Ukraine

State banks of Ukraine for today, do not need capitalization, the quality of corporate governance and working with distressed debtors. This was stated by Deputy head of the National Bank of Ukraine Ekaterina Rozhkova.

“Today, they do not need recapitalization. They need quality corporate governance and high-quality work with troubled debtors,” – said Rozhkov.


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She also criticized the idea of the Ministry of Finance on the establishment of a state company on management of distressed assets of state-owned banks.

“Just a public company without a quality adjustment of the corporate governance principles will not change the situation. If you don’t capitalize the banks, and to recapitalize the state-owned company, is a growth of public debt,” – said Rozhkov.

As reported, the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine for three year will give up one of the tools to support state-owned banks.

We will remind, in June the Cabinet decided to capitalize public Privat 38.5 billion UAH, and the first phase was planned to issue bonds to the amount of UAH 22.5 billion.