How to protect your car from the “summer diseases”

Summer on the roads of Ukraine is much more. Leave the so-called snowdrops — drivers who are not at risk to drive on difficult winter roads, or just keep the car. The track is overloaded, plus it can happen to anybody “summer” issue of the motorist. They, of course, in the warm and in times less than in winter, but there is no driver who would have not experienced them.

We found out from the experts — the chief engineer of the fleet HEI “national Academy of management” Alexander Ivanenko and editor-in-chief of automobile magazine Artem Kiselyov, — what to expect on the summer road and how to prepare for it.


Especially in the heat of the interior of the car can become extremely hot. Even in a car, standing in the shade and covered solar-reflecting film. What can we say about the car in the Parking lot without protection! Hot salon dangerous: sudden temperature drop can cause a strong rise of pressure, dizziness and even loss of consciousness. This may not happen immediately, but after you will start your ride. Many drivers with experience believe this is not a problem, but in the summer the number of accidents due to overheating of a car increases significantly.

Before you get in the car, which was in the heat, open all the doors: the interior temperature and the outside should align. It takes no more than 2-3 minutes. When the cabin is cold, turn on the air conditioning or open the Windows while driving. Driving a car in the Parking lot, if possible, leave slightly ajar passenger window: open the machine will fail, but to balance the temperature inside and outside will be easier. Cover dashboard protective blind (50 UAH): it will also protect plastic, which deteriorates from the sun.


Ceased cooling air, typically a “disease” not new cars. Unpleasant smell in the car a few days and, in fact, the termination of the supply of cold air — a sign that over (or not enough) refrigerant (usually freon). In this case, will only a HUNDRED. Some of the mechanics I propose first to test the leakage of the air conditioning apparatus for filling the system and it is important to know: it is money thrown to the wind — no vehicle will show where the leak occurs. To charge air conditioning on most of the SRT, this will cost from 300 UAH and time will take about an hour.

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Midges, bird droppings and nectar of flowering trees and their fruit — a problem of all motorists. Gnats are so imprinted in the car at speed, what to launder they have a special tool. Birds droppings corrodes the varnish, and if long ignored, the body can stay bright traces. This is especially noticeable on new machines not dark in color. Nectar reliably teleplay body and is also torn off with difficulty. In dealing with such spots the main thing — not to run. Have a universal cleaner and a dry duster (set of 40 UAH). In the flank better fill the washer fluid with the function “antimasque” (the price effect is not critical).

BOIL THE RADIATOR. With this problem can be faced by owners of old cars (“brand”, “Zhiguli”) car, or on the so-called Lithuanian rooms. In this case, stop (you can not turn off the engine to dramatically it is not cooling), open the hood and wait until the temperature drops. After you turn the engine off to cool the radiator. When the radiator cools down, fill with distilled water and go to the nearest service station, not exceeding 60 km/h. the Reasons for the boil, usually three: a leaky expansion tank cap, failure of the thermostat or broken fan pressure. To radiator worked reliably, it needs to be washed, especially in summer, its bars score lice, dirt, dust, and it does not cool the engine.


The stones from under the wheels of cars flying all year round. But in the summer this problem is exacerbated by: a lot of cars and trucks with building materials, and stones are not nailing neither rain, nor snow. That stone can fly and break the windshield, you need to remember particularly on routes where speed exceeds 80 km/h. Keep your distance and try to overtake trucks, skip trucks and jeeps: from under the wheels the stones fly most often. If the glass breaks, stop and call a tow truck. If the crack reset the speed to the glass didn’t crack, especially if not triplex.

Crack on the windshield. Can often be the cause of the accident


In connection with the heat heats not only the car, but the air in the tires. That is why summers are experienced motorists tire pressure slightly decrease and regularly checking it. The fact is that a heated rubber that is in contact with the melting asphalt, the hot air inside the tires can simply break, especially at high speed. So in the summer to check the pressure every 3-4 weeks. This can be done at any tire store or gas station absolutely for free.