Assad between Turkish Fox and the Russian bear

Each state has its own political strategy, which is a way to achieve long-term goals. Each strategy is accompanied by a tactic, which produces the agility to achieve these goals faster by. In essence, tactics is a tributary of the river called strategy: it is often based on deception and trickery in order to mislead the enemies and rivals and to persuade them to cooperate to achieve their goals as quickly as possible.

Seven years ago, before the war in Syria, I wrote about this in an article entitled “Turkey: between strategy and tactics”, published in the Iraqi journal “Let’s start with the beginning of the” cultural and educational center of Iraq. The article described the political games of Turkey under Erdogan and Turkey could not distance itself from the us-Israeli Alliance in the political, economic and psychological reasons, and all of its actions in the Palestinian question was no more than a tactic to quickly achieve this goal. But, in the end, Turkey has achieved what he wanted, when at a difficult time was able to remove Hamas from the unions with the axis of resistance, to move away from Iran and then start fighting in Syria.

Erdogan has clearly stated the problems of Turkey in Syria, saying loudly: “when we entered Syria, our objective was to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad.” Even when the battle for Aleppo ended with a victory over terrorism and its supporters, Ankara still threw a lifeline to the armed groups of the opposition. Then she turned to Russia, claiming that he wants to resolve the Syrian crisis and stop the war in the region, which has become a state sponsor of terrorism in the state, which is struggling with it. Only this step is not forced Syrian lion and his allies to trust Turkey (in this case, there is a play on words: the name of Assad — in Arabic translates as “lion” approx. lane), they continue to fear it, and in some situations, and to doubt her. Why? Turkish Fox is an experienced animal and thinks through every move, because carefully read the political history of modern Turkey and the history of the movement of the Muslim Brothers: your opponent can destroy you, and you won’t even notice it.

In the political games everyone should be careful.

Russian bear emerged from hibernation and began to move East, in order to realize his dream to penetrate the iron curtain that was installed decades ago, with the aim to prevent its penetration into these territories. Even when Russia went to such a close collaboration with Turkey, prompting the excitement of its strategic allies, Turkish Fox still attacked the bear. This is clearly manifested in the meeting of “Astana-2”, which was supposed to become the basis for the Geneva conference. It was then that Fox has once again shown its treacherous nature.

Turkey has shown its true face in the position on the war in Syria. Turkish Fox was able to fool the Russian bear, but with the Syrian lion did not happen. All the machinations of Turkey brought her victory in a tactical game, but in the strategic plan she lost. Aleppo has been the defeat of Turkey, and she returned to her old song — the desire to overthrow Assad.

Russian bear has provided Turkey field of activity, believing that it will help him in achieving his goals and being confident in the behavior of foxes… after Analyzing the situation, the Russian bear realized that Turkey will be able to compensate for what he may lose in Syria and to realize his dream still happens! But after a successful maneuver, in which Russia was defeated, and Assad became more vigilant, Turkey returned to their strategic games. The Russian bear will have to pay sly Fox accounts, but what will he do after the Turkish Fox he was again deceived?