What changes are waiting for Ukrainians in the fall: eurobrava, updated passports and TV quotas

This autumn will bring the Ukrainians a few important changes. October will decrease social norms of consumption of gas for the population, and parents the court will give the same rights in the divorce. Plastic passport will be issued with embedded digital signature, a driver’s license with a chip inside. In addition, in October, the new Ukraine will be watching the TV.

From 1 October, the Cabinet of Ministers of 25% will reduce the rate of gas consumption by the population: on a gas stove for cooking will have to rely of 3.3 cubic meters per person instead of 4.4, for cooking and heating water is 5.4 cubic meters. m/person instead of 7.1, and a gas stove and water heater standard will be reduced from 14 to 10.5 cubic meters/person By such norms will be formed account for those families who do not have meters for gas and who do not receive subsidies. “The level of the individual gas meters is still low. And where they are, statistics show that social norms are overstated — the family does not consume as much. The government has analyzed the situation and brought the social norms of gas for cooking and water heating to the actual consumption of the service”, — said the head of the Ministry Andrey Reva.

In the middle of autumn become fully operational Ukrainian quotas on TV: October 13, the law signed by the President in June, comes into force in full. According to the document, in the air of the national channels must be at least 75% of the content in the Ukrainian language, and in live regional — not less than 50%.

At the request of the European court, from October 1, Ukraine introduced new rules for the settlement of disputes on child custody in a divorce. Right now father and mother in the eyes of the court are equal (now mother-in-priority), and guardian of the child will be selected depending on the material and psychological state of the parents. Thus, the loser can be the unemployed mother, which contained men.

In November must complete the bring a driver’s license to EU standards. A new version will be equipped with a chip, they will act from 5 to 15 years (not 30 as now), add new categories (the driver of the motorcycle and the driver of three-wheeled transport). To get a driver’s license of a new sample, re-pass, traffic will not need only to pass a medical examination. The price of renewal — 201 UAH.

And finally, the bonus of autumn 2017. Ukrainians waiting an extra day off — in honor of the Day of defender of Ukraine will rest for three days. Because the holiday itself (October 14) this year falls on a Saturday, the additional output will be Monday, October 16.

Updated pension and e-signature

Starting 1 October, the Ukrainians can modernize pension. Provided that the Parliament in September, will long-suffering pension reform in the second reading. Modernization will affect 5.6 million from 11.9 million pensioners more than a million people receive an increase of more than 1000 UAH, for two million amount of the pension will increase in the range of 500-1000 UAH and about 2.5 million pensioners will get a bonus up to 500 UAH.

Until the end of autumn we can earn the new Supreme court. The candidates ended, it remains to wait for the High Council of justice will be served to the President for signature the list of candidates for the positions.

Also in the next three months Ukrainians will begin to get internal ID-passport with an integrated electronic digital signature (EDS). ID-a passport with such a signature will allow citizens to freely use public and banking online, as well as to confirm your identity in all Internet operations. And yet, according to Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman, until the end of the year will earn the online registration of marriages and newborns.