The test of a hydrogen bomb in North Korea: reaction of Ukraine

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin condemns the new nuclear test of North Korea. About this he wrote on Twitter.

He hinted North Korea to abandon its nuclear weapons.


  • Trump reacted harshly to the test of a hydrogen bomb to the DPRK

“I strongly condemn the nuclear test of North Korea. To stop this madness is extremely important for Ukraine, which renounced the third largest nuclear stockpile,” wrote Klimkin.

Strongly condemn the nuclear test by #NorthKorea.To stop this insanity is utterly important4#which Ukraine gave up 3rd largest nuclear stockpile

— Pavlo Klimkin (@PavloKlimkin) 3 Sep 2017

As reported earlier today, the DPRK announced the successful test of a hydrogen warhead, which is designed to equip Intercontinental ballistic missiles.