How to eat six times a day and lose weight: best ways to speed up metabolism

The rate of metabolism, but rather how rapidly burned in the body received with food calories are determined by our genetics. And if you want to know what is the features of your metabolism, you need to undergo genetic testing. It is necessary to create an individual diet, which accelerates metabolism to maximum speed. But not only genetics determines how quickly the body can process nutrients into energy. Largely this depends on the age and peculiarities of diet and physical activity, writes “Home”.


  • Best power system, which lose weight

So, what should be considered first of all to understand how to speed up metabolism for weight loss:

  • Eat enough protein

So you have to get up to 35% of waste the calorie content of their diet. Why proteins? First, they are necessary for the formation of hormones and enzymes, which disperse the metabolism. Second, when a protein the body has to work hard and spend an extra 150-200 calories. The most advantageous from this standpoint, are considered protein foods, which have fiber structure, i.e. the meat (Kritsa, Turkey, lamb, beef). All my patients who want to lose weight and eat four times a day, I recommend to include protein in three meals.

  • Don’t forget about the right carbs

Those who want to maintain weight, lose weight, build muscle basically know that this requires, above all, protein. Many people start eating it in large quantities. This often causes a shift in the acid-alkaline balance to the acid side. In this pH slows down the work of a number of hormones and enzymes, including those involved in the synthesis of muscle fibers in the breakdown of fat. In your diet must be enough complex carbohydrates. It is better to get them from vegetables and fruits.

  • Count the calories

Everyone knows that in order to lose weight, you need to cut calories and diet. And many people think that the more they restrict, the faster part with the extra pounds. A diet with minimal calories (approximately 500-800 kcal) significantly reduces the rate of metabolic processes.

  • Eat more often

Or rather, about 5-6 times a day in small portions. Whenever you eat, your metabolism will accelerate. Smaller meals will support the body’s metabolic rate at a high enough level throughout the day.

  • Sleep

My patients on their own experience convinced of the importance of quality sleep. When lack of sleep they lose weight faster, whereas a sleep deficit (sleep 3-4 hours) on the contrary gaining weight. This is due to the fact that during sleep produces a number of hormones that are involved in the breakdown of fat.

  • Practice correctly

Any physical exercise speeds up metabolism. Even if you just stroll around the room while talking on the phone, you will burn more calories than if you do it sitting down. Professional fitness trainers recommend to speed up metabolism interval training. These classes are based on the principle of alternating intense exercise with more calm. People with more weight quite difficult to do in this mode, and new to the fitness world too. Win – win situation- walking. Try to walk at least 30-40 minutes, every five minutes, changing the pace of walking is slow to medium, then fast (for trained). If there are no contraindications, you can alternate Jogging at average pace walking.