Called food, the smell making men more sexy

Our food not only affects our waistline, what we eat also determines how nice we smell. A recent study has determined which product to use more men to smell them women seemed sexier, reports “New time”.

Scientists from the University of Macquarie (Australia) found that women prefer the body odor of men who ate lots of fruits and vegetables, whereas men who consumed a lot of carbohydrate foods (bread, pasta), had a less than attractive smell.

“We know that smell is an important component of attractiveness, especially for women,” says study author Ian Stephen.

“From the point of view of evolution, scientists say, our sweat can help to indicate the health status and a role to play in promoting the involvement of the partner”, – said the scientist.


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Stephen and his colleagues recruited a group of healthy young men, sent them to train in t-shirts, and then the group of women had to rate t-shirts by smell.

The researchers also assessed the men’s skin with the help of an instrument called spectrophotometer. When people eat plenty of bright vegetables, their skin gets a shade of carotenoids – plant pigments responsible for bright red, yellow and orange foods.

“Carotenoids deposited in the skin, explains Stephen. The spectrophotometer shines on the skin and measures the color that is reflected. The result shows you how much fruit and vegetables we eat”.

This small study gave clear results. “Women mainly claimed that men who ate more vegetables, they smell better,” he said.

Men who eat a lot of meat, doesn’t produce sweat, which would be more or less attractive to women. But the meat, as a rule, made the smell more intense.