What do the statuses and photos of people online: psychologists have published shocking data

The declarations of love, frame for romantic photo shoots, and endless quotes on the topic on the wall in the social network can be treated differently. One is like the other annoying, others just do not care. But no matter what category you belong, it is always interesting to know what do these statuses and hearts, isn’t it? The researchers studied emotional issue, to give us a detailed answer, reports vesti.ru.

As noted in an interview Health.com Rachel Sussman, psychotherapist and expert in the psychology of relationships from new York, a chronicle of relationships in social networks may affect them. There is nothing wrong to post the photo with words of love in honor of the anniversary, but when the online recognition substitute real emotions, it can lead to problems.

Below – three things about relationships, which can tell the social network.

  • Your self-esteem depends on the partner

This is a common relationship trap: when you fall in love, then you start to think about your partner as their spouse, but not as a separate and independent person. A study published in 2014, found a connection between loving God and self-esteem Facebook users, finding that the more often a person publishes photos with the “love of his life” and the more said about it publicly, the less confident.


  • Scientists have found out which diseases are frequent awakenings at night

“People who appreciate online expressions of love, almost always believe that successful relationships are the measure of their own values, explains the study’s author, Professor Gwendolyn Seidman from Albright College in Pennsylvania. These people usually demonstrate their relationship in social networks, to obtain approval from others and to increase self-esteem”.

  • Are you trying to cause jealousy

When you post on your social network photos a romantic evening with candles and a bouquet of roses, you hope that one person will see it. “A lot of people post pictures with her current partner, to cause a reaction ex-partner in one form or another, says Rachel Sussman. – It’s like saying “Look how great I am, and you, unfortunately, lost the” or something”.

While research in the field of cyberpsychology and behavior in social networks has shown that this habit can prevent you from moving on. “Maybe you need a little more time to completely separate yourself from the person you once were together,” continues Sussman. She offers to talk about the problem with a specialist or, if this is not possible, with a close friend. By the way, reflections in a closed blog too.

  • You are just truly happy

Other posts related to the relationship, can signal that you are really happy. A study conducted in 2012, the Facebook users showed that people who put an avatar to a picture where they are together with your loved one, were more satisfied with relationships than those who used a solo picture.

Psychologists say that if you are feeling joy and are ready to share it with the world, don’t hold your breath. “Actually, it’s always nice to see people recognized each other in love, even if it happens in the network. Plus, these photos can see the friends and parents of the couple, and it will surely lift their mood,” says Rachel Sussman. Conclusion: in an online romance, there is nothing wrong if you do it on the third of these reasons.