Angry pigs attacked a woman right in the middle of the street (video)

Two rabid pigs attacked the 60-year-old woman who was returning home from work, beginning with her playing on the floor and bite reports

Video: Youtube

Video animal aggression towards a man was caught on camera mobile phone, it is possible to see two pigs, knocking a woman down, she began to strike blows to the head and torso.

A witness to the attack was the bystanders, who were trying to prevent angry Swinger to mock the woman for this purpose they used everything that came under their hands, including a towel that is not particularly effective. The end result is the animals still managed to drive away, did two motorcyclists who passed by.


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If you look closely, in the video you can see that initially at Bibi Jan (Bibi Jan), so called the female victim, attacked only one pig, while the second arrived a few seconds later. It is assumed that they did it, trying to protect their young, who can also be seen in the video