Nye told where Lyashko could take 15 million to buy the house and land

MP Mustafa Nayem believes that the leader of the “radicals” Oleg Lyashko is supposed to prove the legal origin of 15 million hryvnia. He said this in comments to NewsOne.

He recalled that Lyashko already 10 years in politics, and has not previously conducted business, and was a journalist, so a lot of money to start he could not. The MP made the assumption, where his colleagues such funds.

“So the money can have three natures: someone had given him, gave the parents an inheritance or they are stolen,” said Nye.

The politician believes that now Lyashko has to prove the legal origin of the money.

“In any case, Mr. Lyashko needs to prove it. And I hope every time he is near the podium to tell that someone is stealing from the people of their money, he first needs to tell me where he got those 940 thousand dollars,” he added.

As reported, Oleg Lyashko declared that the acquisition of a residential building and two plots of land in the Obukhov district of Kyiv region for 15 million hryvnias. The Declaration States that it came into the ownership of the property in January 2017.