Diet “five tablespoons”: with no harm lose weight 20 kilos

Diet “five spoons” like those who in choosing a plan for weight loss focuses primarily on simple rules and does not want major changes to the usual menu, writes

Popular diet “five spoons” – one of the interpretations of the idea of fractional power, also known as grazing compare their feeding behavior with the natural skills of the animals and birds, eating small portions and often. This approach will help particularly to those whose excess weight is caused by overeating and inability to control your portions.


  • A revolution in nutrition: the calorie is named a product that helps to lose weight

Food in small “doses” with a small break: does not have time to get hungry, helps pampered and stretched gluttony the stomach to restore the normal size, normalizes blood sugar, improves the absorption of nutrients.

The main thing about diet is “five spoons”

  • Duration: not limited;
  • Features: precise eating schedule and amounts, other restrictions minimum;
  • Cost: low;
  • The result: minus 5-20 pounds, depending on the time line.
  • Recommended frequency: when the condition for selecting a comfortable individual pieces can be used as casual style diet;
  • Additional effect: reduce the amount stretched by overeating stomach;
  • Diet five spoons not suitable: pregnant, lactating, suffering from chronic diseases. Don’t forget to consult with your doctor.

Simple rules five spoons

  • Each meal is put into your dish no more than five tablespoons of food.
  • To ensure that the pause between meals was not shorter than three hours.
  • You can eat and at bedtime, and night, as long as you follow the first two rules.
  • The menu can be composed of any products.
  • A strict ban on sodas and drinks containing sugar (including any juices).
  • Tea, coffee, plain water on a diet “five tablespoons” can be used without restrictions.
  • It is necessary to abandon the industrial sauces and marinades, and pickles and spicy foods, not to inflame the appetite.
  • It is recommended to refrain from fried and deep-fried food, and convenience foods. The fact that you can eat raw, eat raw, in other cases use steam, grill without fat suppression.
  • Diet “five spoons”: the approximate menu for the day

    • 8:00 – portion of oatmeal with berries, seasoned with butter, coffee.
    • 11:00 – a banana or a small Apple or tomato.
    • 14:00 – serving of stew meat or chicken breast grilled
    • 17:00 – a portion of vegetable salad with olive or flax oil
    • 20:00 – a serving of cottage cheese
    • 23:00 – yogurt

    Don’t forget to drink enough water – often a lack of fluid in the body that we mistake for hunger. Also a couple times a week on a diet “five spoons” you can afford one of the meals portion of dessert as a prize for good behavior and remarkable strength.