As in July, will increase prices and tariffs: what will happen to the Ukrainians

In June in Kiev, more expensive metro ticket, tickets for trolleybuses and buses, and almost twice will raise the tariff for the maintenance of the house and local area. In addition, next month, comes into force a law that exempts the business from the mandatory use of seals. Officials who will not accept documents without printing, will have to pay a fine of up to 1700 UAH. The website “Today” figured out how to change the life of Ukrainians in July.

Since the first of July prices will rise for the maintenance of the house and local area in Kiev

From the beginning of July in Kiev will increase the tariffs for maintenance of houses and adjoining areas. If used for one square meter had to pay three hryvnia, after the revision of the tariff of one meter will rise to 6.43 UAH. For example, for the maintenance of the house and local area the apartment is 70 square meters needed on average to pay 210 hryvnia, after the price increase the amount in the payment will increase to 471 of the hryvnia.

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Note that the tariff for the maintenance of the house and the local area include the costs of cleaning, maintenance of elevators, garbage removal, minor repairs, etc. the Tariff at the request of the service companies has the right to increase the local authority. This is the only utility service tariffs which is determined by city councils. The price of gas set by the government, and the cost of water, heating and light – national Commission.

The new tariffs in Kiev set for 8.3 thousand high-rise buildings (only in the capital of 11 thousand multi-storey buildings). Note that condominiums have the right to service the home and local area, as well as set the fare collectively.

Mandatory printing for business cancel

Next month, the legislation would eliminate the requirement necessary to use printing. After the entry of innovations in the power to admit document (e.g., agreement) null and void due to the lack of a seal impossible. But the government, which will continue to require printing documents, face administrative punishment, fines of up to 1700 UAH.


As explained by lawyer Alexander Plahotnik, such decision will allow to get rid of unnecessary bureaucracy, and now all operations will take place much faster. “It is certainly a good solution. Any unnecessary regulation of any process leads to problems. Now, when any print is very easy to fake, the impression of anyone or anything not protected. In many European countries you will not find documents with a seal. Just no need for it,” – says the expert.

Abolished state regulation of prices

The government has decided to cancel state regulation of prices for socially important food products – flour, bread, boiled sausage, grits, eggs, sunflower oil, milk. For the first time the regulation of prices stopped in the last year, and in early 2017 it was supposed to resume. As stated in the press service of the Cabinet, the suspension of price regulation on the cost of products is not affected, so officials decided to cancel the regulation.

Under the action of the state regulation of the prices the sellers had no right to put a surcharge on socially significant products above 15%. After deregulation, prices will depend on the situation on the market.

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“The main purpose of these changes is to reduce the administrative burden on businesses, elimination of excessive state intervention in economic processes, the development of competition and debureaucratization (deregulation) in the area of pricing. The decision of the government will simplify the procedure of changing the prices depending on the price movement of the market that will enable manufacturers to respond faster to changing market conditions,” notes to the explanatory note to the document.

More expensive metro

From 15 July in the capital will rise in price fare in the subway. At the moment, a single trip costs 4 UAH, in the middle of next month it will rise to 5 USD. As stated in the KSCA, economically justified tariff is even higher. “Economically reasonable tariff for today is: in the subway of 6.64 hryvnia, ground transportation – 6, 91 hryvnia. That is, the difference between economically justified tariffs and the ones that will pay the passenger, will take on the budget,” said media adviser to the Governor Vasily Yastrubinsky.

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More expensive also the cost of travel in buses, trams, funiculars and buses: from three to four hryvnia.