How to give up sugar

How to understand that you are addicted to sugar and sweets? You just admit to yourself: if you eat sugar, you already have the habit. If you are not friends with sugar, it is not necessary to start. So you save your health and physical shape for a long time.

No wonder America sugar addiction equated to drug addiction. Ideally you should not consume more than 10% of their daily calories in the form of refined sugar. When sugar enters the bloodstream, it almost immediately turns into glucose. He then “hits”to the brain, providing pleasure center. This is reminiscent of a kind of cycle, the repetition is addictive, as is the case with drugs, writes Here’s seven practical tips for a successful fight against sugar:

Stop trying to perceive food as something for pleasure

We eat to of foods to obtain the necessary body energy. But also love to eat something for fun. Old favorites, such as cookies, cakes, pies, candy and soft drinks: all of this brings us to a gastronomic pleasure. Therefore, those who are trying to defeat sugar addiction, it is desirable to start to eat for need and not for fun.

Try to start thinking differently in this direction, at least a few weeks. Once detoxification of the body is complete, you will again be able to occasionally treat yourself to something sweet, but in a different way to treat this.

Control the situations when you are drawn to the sweet

The method consists in that, to identify emotional cues, smells, time of day, circumstances. Tracking these variables will allow you to capture those moments and actions which prevent to avoid excessive consumption of sugar. In addition, the process of observation will make you realize your behavior and help you to get rid of mindless eating sugar.

The practice of gradual withdrawal or do not overestimate yourself

One great way to gradually “withdraw” from sugar to continue to eat it only on the selected days. A couple of weeks you can go two days without sugar, followed by one “sweet” day. And then three after one and so on until the time between days without sugar and “sweet” day isn’t so long that you stop to think about sweet.

Make sure to invest enough time to sleep

The fact is that the brain centers that are configured to sugar, is more active when the body is deprived of sleep. It’s our body hopes to get that energy that could get during the night.

Fruit is the best alternative to sugar

Most fans of sugar like fruit, that makes sense, since Mature fruits are usually very sweet in taste. The more you eat fruit, the higher the chances to completely switch to a healthy diet.

Do not buy substitutes. Honey is also deleted

You need to overcome once and for all the craving for sugar and sweeteners will only interfere in this difficult matter. Your habit will stay with you for a long time.

Read about how bad sugar is for the body

Fortunately, in the Internet there are many articles on the subject, every day intimidating yourself with such “horror stories”, you quickly get away from sugar, because he is your enemy.