The Vietnam war on the Berlin streets

For ten days nothing was heard about the citizen of Vietnam Trinh Xuan Kingdom in Thane (Trinh Xuan Thanh), which recently was in Berlin as a seeker of political asylum.

Lawyers for the men unsuccessfully searched for him all over the German capital on the eve of the crucial interview in the Berlin office for foreigners. However, a citizen of Vietnam, filed last June for asylum, did not appear at the place of residence, and his phone was permanently locked. Last week, a man suddenly appeared on the screen of the First channel of Vietnam national television, where he announced his voluntary return to their homeland. At the same time 51-year-old former Manager of a Vietnamese oil concern, and a former party functionary, accused in the homeland in the embezzlement of 125 million euros, reported that independently made the decision to appear before judicial authorities of their country.

For the German side, however, about any “voluntary return” can’t seem to be out of the question. So, the official representative of the German foreign Ministry has said that Germany comes from theft Trinh, song Thanh, which occurred on the Vietnamese intelligence services. According to the German enforcement agencies, on July 23, a man together with a certain woman was kidnapped by unknown people in the capital’s Tiergarten district. Casual witnesses of incident told the police that he saw under the threat of weapons two men of Asian appearance were forced to sit in the car with Czech numbers, which then quickly disappeared from the scene. It is believed that the kidnappers were employees of one of the Vietnamese intelligence services, which brought the ex-functionary and his girlfriend to Paris, where the couple was then transported to Hanoi.

I must say that the Vietnamese authorities have long tried to return the fugitive home Manager, repeatedly referring to Berlin through the official channels. So, last question about Chien sun Thane, by the way, excluded from the ranks of the Communist party of Vietnam was raised at the meeting, the Vietnamese leadership with German officials during the summit of “big twenty”, held in early July in Hamburg. But Berlin was then given to understand that the Vietnamese citizen cannot be extradited until then, while continuing the process of examining his application for asylum. Apparently, the Vietnamese authorities decided not to wait until the end of this rather long-term procedure and instructed to “solve the problem” as its intelligence agencies. It seems that the former party functionary was unaware that it opened a real hunt. He felt in Germany, where he studied in the 1990s as a house, bought a house in the German capital had to move freely throughout the country.

After the petition for asylum Chien sun than from a legal point of view was under the protection of the German side. That is why Berlin and protested the violation of “fundamental international norms” after a refugee from Vietnam are kidnapped in Germany. The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Germany has made a formal statement about the future negative consequences for Vietnam of this “unprecedented event” — the stealing of a man in broad daylight in the centre of Berlin. The foreign Ministry had summoned the Ambassador of Vietnam and the representative of security services of the country, the first Secretary of the Embassy, was declared persona non grata. The diplomat was forced to leave Germany within 48 hours. The German side also demanded to return the stolen back in Germany until the decision on his application for asylum. However to count on this is hardly necessary. And not just because between Germany and Vietnam has no bilateral Treaty, which would regulate the extradition of nationals of these countries to each other. The fact that the official Hanoi has already said that Trinh, song Thanh left his homeland illegally, hiding from open criminal proceedings against him.