Extreme heat is very dangerous for pregnant women and future children

Scientists from George Washington University in the US found that the high temperatures associated with climate change, may adversely affect the health of pregnant women and future children, according to sobesednik.ru.

The researchers found that the intense heat reduces the likelihood of successful delivery. She often changes the duration of the gestational period, reduces the weight of the child at birth increases the risk of stillbirth and neonatal stress.

Scientists emphasize that particularly pernicious is the effect of high temperatures in those countries in which women have limited access to medical care. The experts conducted the most detailed and systematic analysis of the available information on this issue. This meta-analysis provided evidence that extreme heat is harmful to a pregnant woman and her unborn child. Meanwhile, in many countries in relation to climate change, the residents are faced with unprecedented temperatures.


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For example, this year the invasion of the impact of heat-waves experienced by residents of southern and Eastern Europe, while in Italy the thermometer was close to 44 degrees. The authors of the study believe that living in conditions of extreme heat, expectant mothers should pay more attention to their health and more likely to visit doctors.

In addition, if possible, they should not spend much time in the sun and not be subjected to the threat of heat stroke. The increased vulnerability of the woman and her unborn child in front of a strong heat should be taken into account by doctors during regular checkups.