The leader of the Venezuelan opposition Henrique Capriles: a military coup is not the answer

Henrique Capriles drinking soda, he is calm and talkative, as always. The leader of the largest party of the Venezuelan opposition Alliance, “For justice” — and twice presidential candidate in an exclusive interview with Clarín, a few hours before the beginning of work of the National constituent Assembly says the regime is backed into a dead end that the economic crisis determines the dynamics and negotiations required. Peaceful, but determined to avoid a social explosion.

— What will change the beginning of the work of the Constituent Assembly?

— I looked how much is a dollar parallel rate — more than 16 thousand bolivars. A week ago it was 8 400. This is the serious devaluation of our currency in history. This megadiversity. 50% of the economic transactions carried out in dollars.

— That allows You in this case to be optimistic?

— I think, in the end, it is the Constituent Assembly will become the decisive force which will be pushed out of power, Maduro and his minions that this will be the last volley. More he has nothing to justify and nothing to offer.

— But how will it happen?

— Why am I talking about the dollar? Because the Venezuelan economy, though it is not recognized, is tied to the dollar. Food baskets are handed out to the population of the local Committees of supply — know what’s in them? They Mexican products. And how are they paid? Dollars! In Venezuela all have to pay in dollars, excluding workers ‘ wages.

— This can provoke a social explosion?

— Of course. A simple worker now receives $ 15 a month, 250 thousand bolivars. In other words, half a dollar a day. How to live on half a dollar a day? This question will raise the mass struggle that began with the election requirement, slowly moves in that direction.

— How will this affect the Constituent Assembly?

His work is aimed not only inside the country but also to the outside world. When the United States is considering not whether to discontinue purchases of oil in Venezuela, not to impose sanctions, and the EU States that do not recognize the Constituent Assembly, when the world reacts against the registration of the dictatorship, it becomes apparent that this will have serious economic consequences. It is not true that Russians and Chinese will have to contain. Where have you seen Chinese people something gave?

— What do people do when their needs are not being met?

— Then there are internal conflicts that we see, but it’s not crucial clash. I believe that there have been serious efforts to support the heroic struggle of the people. For example, when the Prosecutor General’s office stated that it did not support the actions of the government, or when the company Smartmatic, which specializes in conducting electronic voting, reported the manipulation of the elections. It was an unexpected hit when electronic systems have confirmed what we’re talking years. This had the effect of exploding bombs and the military.

— Protecting those who support the government, why do they cling to power?

They’re afraid to release the power of their hands, because it will mean prison for them, the end of all of their world.

— And if they will be offered a guarantee of immunity?

— I would say that just need a smooth transition to democracy. Everything else is already provided by Congress, in particular, the draft law offering guarantees to those who support the Constitution. While it didn’t work, because the government still thinks he has a strong position, although it is not. How much would the commander in chief may claim otherwise, our Armed Forces are divided into thousands of pieces, it is not true that they are one. Is the tip of senior officers loyal to the government, but the situation in the army more similar to the situation in the whole country. Soldier gets $ 40 a month. Discontent is growing in the army.

— What mistakes you made, after we have received the majority in Parliament?

— Yes, errors were, but now it makes no sense to go there. In such a delicate moment, as now, self-criticism is good, but it all depends on how she filed. Because it is able to break the unity that we so desperately need.

— You will participate in the elections, which the government wants to convene in December?

Is now being discussed. Just imagine, say, a football match in England: it takes place in London, the arbiter of English, public English, and all around saying that the referee bought. Let’s say we refuse to play and the other team agrees and scored five goals. Yes, let the three of them unjustly will not count. But if the British do not score a single goal — who will win the match? I have more opportunities if I’m going to fight, not sit at home on the couch.

— If elections are held, the participation of the leaders of the opposition will be banned…

— If the opposition will try to participate, the election will not be. If the opposition is not involved, the election will be held. How to be here? We have a goalie, for example, we will write our candidate, that’s all.

— Who rules in Venezuela?

— I would say that there are two groups in power: Diosdado Cabello and Maduro. They conducted different policies towards the constituent Assembly and won, Maduro, who has postponed the start of its work. Cabello wants to be Chairman of the Meeting, and then President. And Maduro, though not seven spans in a forehead, but very cunning, he realized that picks Cabello.

Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero was able to decide the fate of the Constituent Assembly?

— He once proposed to limit the powers of the Assembly not to be so afraid. But this did not solve the problem of its unconstitutional nature. Zapatero does not have a lot of room to maneuver. We prefer more experienced people.

— What is the solution?

— Worsening economic situation will change the dynamics of the process. Persistent social conflicts have led to famine, lack of medicines, the plight of the masses. When a hungry man sees a rifle, he takes it and goes forward. This puts the army is faced with a choice: to kill, supporting a dictatorship, or retreat, demanding negotiations. Because we, the opposition, will not take up arms, we do not believe in a military solution to the problem.

— Is there a danger of a coup?

— A coup is not a solution. A coup may not be a solution neither in Venezuela, nor anywhere else in the world. Crises cannot be solved by force. We should strive to negotiations that will allow the country to vote to choose the shift. This is not revenge, not revenge. This is something that will allow you to find a solution and avoid violence.

— Do you agree with those who call Venezuela narkotorgovku?

Connection with drug trafficking from Venezuela is very strong. If other types of criminal business, such as fuel smuggling, because of the crisis, deteriorating, drug trafficking is increasing. It is noteworthy that in our country never carried out operations against drug trafficking.

— Latin America is United in its assessment of what is happening in Venezuela?

— As ever. Never has happened in Venezuela did not have such a strong response as it is now. The world needs to make decisions, because the dictatorship needed to corner and destroy.