Events of the week: Klitschko retired, panic in the Kremlin of new sanctions and an unexpected twist in the case of sadist from the DNR

Last week, our readers watched Wladimir Klitschko on a well-deserved retirement, was interested in the story released in the Crimea, the sadist from “DNR” who killed Ukrainian student, and watched as the relations between Russia and the USA have found a new bottom.

Let’s start with the relations between Russia and the U.S., which continues its rapid slide into this abyss, which, according to many experts and political analysts, did not reach even during the cold war. Just last week, Putin apparently finally realized that his bet on trump failed, gave the command always sad Lavrov to announce the introduction of “diplomatic sanctions” against the United States. In particular, it was announced that Moscow reduce the number of American diplomats throughout Russia to 455 people, which will reduce the 755 employees of the US diplomatic mission. Well, the nasty little things: as revenge for a long time already stretching the story of the arrest of Russian dipdc in the United States, American diplomats were denied access to their Embassy dacha outside Moscow, in a Silver forest.

The funny thing about this story is that it is as fashionable now to speak in Russian, was “asymmetric” the answer at last year’s step Obama, who shortly before his departure from the White house, sent from the U.S. to Russian diplomats. It was a reaction to the new package of economic sanctions against Russia, which the trump, despite all his reluctance, was forced to sign. Feel the difference in the exchange of blows? Putin, more than 10 years of bathing in oil money, and left Russia an economic dwarf in the background of the United States. As a result, Moscow was simply unable to oppose Washington at least something significant. Were only petty crap. And, in exchange for the sanctions, which will further strangle and so choking the Russian economy, the Kremlin elite vouchsafed only to the expulsion of diplomats.

But even here the question arises, to whom this will be worse. The answer is clear for all — will only be worse for the Russians. Americans just there are so many diplomats in Russia, and these cuts will affect hundreds of ordinary Russians and their families who work in administrative positions at the American Embassy and three consulates. However, it’s flowers. Berries are for those who now, in anticipation of obtaining American visas, will be forced to spend months, not days, as the Consulate is not physically able to handle tens of thousands requests per month. For example, in 2016 the Russians had issued more than 186 thousand visas. Imagine how much you frustrate the plans of ordinary people and private businesses?

Although what I’m talking about some nonsense writing. Since when in the Kremlin thought about the welfare of his subjects. It’s their problem, return to higher matters. After Russia announced the expulsion of a record number of American diplomats, and trump signed a law on new sanctions, it became clear that the whole story with sanctions and rhetoric of the cold war will drag on for years. Apparently, Putin, previously so gentle workbase with trump in the hope that the two tough guys will be able to agree, never understood the simple fact that no Western leader can not behave as well as he is.

For this reason the Western press wrote that the Russian leader who destroyed the country, the opposition, independent media and single-handedly ruling his country, simply can not understand the limits of the power of trump, who is only one of the three equal branches of government in the United States and can not unilaterally make decisions. Putin may not realize the simple fact that “decadent” West, the courts can really be independent and make decisions that presidents and Prime Ministers just can’t control. Putin understand only one thing — his hopes fell again, and friend Donald weak, and to help him could do nothing. So he has one way — to continue to raise rates, to rattle the weapons and wreak havoc, telling her fooled people about the bad West, and nasty Yanks, in particular, continues to weave intrigues against the most beautiful countries in the world. Where it all might lead, nobody knows, and this becomes even more alarming.

Also this week there was another event that our readers could not miss. This statement of Vladimir Klitschko on the end of his Boxing career and the care of the honorary athletic retirement. In his video address, Vladimir said that this is not the end, because he was a few years ago planned a new career, which has already started. While Klitschko expressed hope that it will be as successful as sports. I am sure that, notwithstanding it is expected the decision this news has forced vzgrustnut almost every Ukrainian.

And how here not to be sad. His departure ended a whole epoch of the dominance of the Klitschko brothers in the Boxing world. There is now a rematch with Joshua, which surely many had hoped. There will be more and other sleepless nights in anticipation of the next fight and the triumph of Ukrainian. The legend era to the Klitschko brothers, you can apply many of these definitions, and if leaving Vitaly, we moved relatively peacefully knowing that there is a second brother, with the statement of Vladimir the feeling of the end of the era feel particularly acute. But how much rope does not curl, still the end will be. We can only thank the brothers that made the enhancement of the prestige and recognition of Ukraine a lot more than some presidents. As they say, it was a glorious hunt!

Watched our readers and for the story unfolding around militant “DNR” who brutally killed Ukrainian student and interesting nuances of this long history, surfaced this week. Will briefly tell the story. In the summer of 2014 the militants of the so-called battalion “Kerch” was detained at a checkpoint of Ukrainian student, goalkeeper Kramatorskiy youth football team Stepan Chubenko. The reason for the detention was the ribbon of the Ukrainian flag on the backpack. Earlier repeatedly judged a repeat offender Vadim Pogodin, who commanded this gang, accused student involvement in the tragedy of may 2 in Odessa and called him an agent of the “Right sector” (banned in Russia organization — approx. ed.).

Student Pogodin (call sign “Kerch”), along with two other militants (“Jora” and “Buba”) was tortured, tied his hands with duct tape and knocked out teeth. Then dragged to the river, where he shot five shots in the head. Since that time, Pogodin lived in the Donbass, in Moscow, in the Crimea. On the Peninsula he was detained on request of the Ukrainian side for 40 days. Wonder here is nothing special. Since then, as Russia began its undeclared war against Ukraine, the mutual extradition of accused persons in criminal crimes are not stopped, they already had several dozen. And since Pogodin held under the criminal article, it was quite able to give the Ukrainian side, even a “DNR investigators”, who also dealt with the case on the personal orders of Zakharchenko, had no doubt that he did.

Like everything was going to extradite him, but the sadist was not so simple as expected. A special correspondent of “Novaya Gazeta” Paul Kanygin found that for Pogodin asked many deputies of the state Duma and many other “heroes” of undeclared war. As it turned out, Pogodin belonged to and communicated with the narrow krugalya that in the very beginning rocked the war in the Donbass, among them were Borodai, Girkin, Bezler (Demon), a film by Sergey Dubinsky (Gloomy).

Yes, Yes, that “Scowl”, almost the only seriously appeared in the downed Malaysian Boeing MH17. It the consequence considers as one of the responsible for the transportation “Buck”from which a shot was fired at the civilian aircraft, from the border with Russia to the place of dislocation. And most of all for Pogodin asked is “Gloomy”. This was stated in an interview with “Policywhat” Alexander Boroday. “I would never speak publicly on this subject if I hadn’t phoned for this reason all who could, including “Gloomy”… In General, all “who are in the subject” interested in the fate of “Kerch”. I understand that people fear that the case of “Kerch” was not a precedent case,” — said Boroday. However, he expressed absolute confidence that the killer will not give Ukraine under any scenario. “This is not done, regardless of what the man was not Vadim Kerch, regardless of his personal qualities, and regardless of what he has done or not done in the Donbass”, — said Boroday.

And he was right. Last weekend, the killer was released from a detention facility in the annexed Crimea and disappeared in an unknown direction. The conclusion here can be only one — the Russian authorities realized that almost gave Ukraine to a very dangerous witness in the case of the destruction of the Malaysian “Boeing”, which could pass those who were involved. “In the end, a few months before presentation by the Netherlands of the final charges and the publication of the names of all involved in the tragedy, a sadist is not merely avoiding extradition, but is free. The trial will not, as it turns out, neither in Russia, nor even in “DNR”,” — summed up in the investigation of “Novaya Gazeta”.

(Published in abridged).