Seven unexpected factors that cause headache

The majority of people suffer from migraines. According to the world health organization, almost 50% of the adult population at least once in a year faced with a nagging headache, which prevents them from fulfilling the usual responsibilities. As a rule, the headache in these cases is the result of stress, alcohol intoxication, sleep disorders, or symptoms of colds. However, there are other triggers that you are willing to argue, were not even aware, according to

  • Flavors

Doctors warn that the most common smells that cause headaches are aromas of petrol, tobacco and perfume. Interestingly, they all “work” individually. That is, if one person enough to stay with these scents a few moments to feel a headache, then another for the same will take at least 30 minutes, and the third and all will note that these smells seem to him attractive.

  • Gadgets

Studies show that the change in light and the brightness of the phone screen or the computer activates the retina and the nerves located behind the eye that can provoke a response in the form of headaches. Plus, do not forget that the “blue light” that shines all the gadgets, most likely, affects your sleep quality, which may also be the reason for the nebulae, and pulsating pain in the head.

  • Dehydration

Often headaches are the result of the loss of body large part of the water that it needs for normal functioning. Experts believe that the pain caused by the narrowing of the blood vessels as an attempt of our body to maintain optimum amounts of fluid in all organs and systems. So if the headache piercing and sudden, quite possibly, you need not analgesic tablet and a glass of cool water.


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  • Complex hairstyle

No wonder, that hairstyles that pull the scalp, causing tension in the skull. According to the researchers from the London migraine clinic (The City of London Migraine Clinic), more than half of all women experience headaches just because of the tight hairstyles, such as complex braids or ponytails.

  • Quitting caffeine

Not so long ago you realized that you drink too much coffee, and decided to go on a “antidopingovoe diet”? Doctors warn in the first days you will feel lethargy, apathy, will face mood swings and headache. “This is because caffeine has a physiological effect on the vascular system and can compress blood vessels or, conversely, relax them,” explains Everyday Health MIA Mine, a neurologist from new York.

  • The “freezing” of the brain

Scientists still can’t say for sure why a headache occurs when we eat cold foods (e.g. ice cream) or drink a cold drink (e.g., Cola with ice). Not so long ago researchers from the Johns Hopkins University (Johns Hopkins University) found that it can be “a combination of direct stimulation of temperature sensitive nerve with the influence of cold on the blood vessels located in the sky.”

  • Cheese

According to some studies, headache can cause certain foods. Among them, for example, old (I mean, with a long aging) of cheeses, cheeses with white and blue mold, wine, and salami, smoked salmon and pickled cucumber. Scientists suggest this may occur because all of these products contain sulfites salts of sulphurous acid, can expand blood vessels.