Burbak announced the six priorities of the new session of the Council

In the Parliament expect the President submit the plan of de-occupation of Crimea and Donbass and approved in Parliament. The head of the faction “people’s front” Maxim Burbak said at a meeting of the conciliatory Council of the Verkhovna Rada, introducing the plan proposals of the Parliament’s work on the sixth session of the Verkhovna Rada.

“First, after three years of war and more than 10 thousand victims of Ukrainians, society rightly strives to get answers and a clear vision of the power of how to win this war, will return temporarily-occupied territory. Must be an honest conversation. Because the nation bears the burden of the war, he has a right to know and the government is obliged to communicate the strategy and plan of liberation of the Crimea, and Donbass. We believe that the President must submit a plan and obtain the support of Parliament,” – said Bourbaki.

Also, NF nepremennym believes that Ukraine still has no permanent representative of the mission to NATO. “Third, over the last three years we have maintained macroeconomic stability of the country. Contrary to military action, the loss of 20% of the industry, the three governments carried out this task: paid salaries, initiated reforms in the energy sector, public administration and public procurement. But to improve the welfare of citizens is an urgent need to include mechanisms that will enhance the potential of the country through private initiative. In particular, business and the population needs to obtain affordable loans and a stable exchange rate. It is the constitutional duty of the head of the NBU, which should ensure the functioning of the banking market and price stability. Fourth, privatization of this type of investment actually discredited in Ukraine. Politicians and corrupt, pursuing their own goals, tore privatization. NF believes that it is necessary to amend the legislation and bring transparent competition for state-owned enterprises, like “Ukrspirt”. Tales that these enterprises should not be sold effective owners spread the corrupt Director of these companies and their patrons in high offices,” – said the head of the faction of the NF.

Fifth, according to Maxim Bourbaki, should be continued judicial reform and the formation of a new Supreme court.

“Sixth, NF insists on continuing development of the state border. Our colleagues in Latvia built a border with Russia, a protective wall with the length of 23 km is Now Lithuania is planning to build the same wall on the border with the Kaliningrad oblast. I want to remind you that 2017 is the last year for effective reform. Then begins the preparations for the elections, when there will be a lot of talk and promises and there will be fewer cases. By the way, back to decentralization and unified territorial communities. Colleagues, I appeal to you that Thursday is a whole block of questions on local government, please let’s vote and let the United territorial communities to unite between areas, doobjednat and to enable CEC to hold elections,” – said Bourbaki.

We will remind, on February 7, after a two-week break will be held the first plenary meeting of the regular session of the Verkhovna Rada. According to the schedule, which Parliament approved on January 17, it will last until July 21: 11 weeks MPs put to work in plenary mode, the seven — on work in committees and six for the activities in the districts.