The US plan to conceal its intentions and failure

American analysts such as Robert Kaplan (Robert Kaplan), not wasting power when they say that “the sun of the Atlantic sits down, and such former empires as Russia, China and Turkey, begins to ascend”. US closer to the complete defeat because the majority of scenarios against Russia in Central Asia, and China in the Pacific region and Turkey in the middle East over the fiasco.

Therefore, the Atlanticists, whose positions were shaken out of themselves. In other words, the main problem of the system — not just in Twitter-based trump. The Atlantic world is going through a deeper crisis. Resistance Turkey, Russia and China undermined two important and large project of the US and the EU.

The first of them — the American project “AfPak”. When defeat in Afghanistan, sleep on the transfer of energy resources of the Caspian sea and Central Asia on the lines of Pakistan to the Persian Gulf and from there to world markets ended the strategy of domination in Eurasia also failed. Now with threats of sanctions against China and the judicial coup in Pakistan the process is trying to reverse.

The second failed project Atlanticist — Syria. The main US goal in Syria was to ensure the transfer of stocks of Qatari natural gas to Europe bypassing Turkey, through “corridor of the Kurdistan workers party (PKK) / Party Democratic Union (PYD)”. But the Union Ankara — Moscow have prevented this project. Thus, in the report of the research Institute on U.S. foreign policy (FPRI) 2013, it was proposed: “the Most reasonable way to ensure the dominance of the West in the region — a partition of Syria into two or three States or the creation of Federal structures.”

But when the determination of Turkey broke these dirty conspiracies, the methods of partition of Syria was revised. Started with the project “Rozhava” (Syrian Kurdistan — approx. TRANS.). In March 2016, the PYD / people’s protection Units (YPG), declaring the Federation, in fact, announced the official cancellation of the project rozhavskiy, symbolizing the partition of Syria. Of course, it is no coincidence that this change coincided with the period leading up to the coup attempt on July 15 in Turkey, and with the advent of a new stage in the relations between Turkey, Iran and Russia. So, instead of “rozhavskiy” project under the leadership of Iran began to operate “plan of Northern Syria” under the leadership of the United States. The US, which locked on to one terrorist organization and attracted to its side another, tried juggling with rhetoric, to hide their dirty conspiracy. They changed the name YPG on the “Democratic forces of Syria” (SDG), with the logistical support of the terrorists, almost in 16 times exceeds the capacity of the forces in raqqa. Supply terrorist organizations 900 truckloads of weapons also shows that the operation is not limited only to ISIS (banned in Russia — approx. ed.) and Raqqa.


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After July 15, 2016 Turkey, which had pre-calculated all likelihood, switched from defense to attack. The symbol of this new security concept was the operation “Shield of the Euphrates”, which began in August of 2016. Now with the organization base in Qatar, this concept has reached a new stage. All this is evidence that the “new Turkey” is not only a slogan, a step by step project. So, Huntington in 1996 stressed: “If Turkey becomes a steel-Islamic world and will occupy a position pivotal state, then it will cease to be a torn country, whose role it was always meant in the “war of civilizations”. But it can do only the leader of the scale of Ataturk”.

Everything indicates that this prophecy is coming true. Therefore, the United States, which botched the plan for the partition of Syria with Iran (Rozhava), now implement your plan (Northern Syria). Thus, they had to hide their intentions, and their fiasco. But in vain!