Thoughts worse than any Russian warship

The parade of Navy fleet of Russia in St. Petersburg and festivities which followed, the scale is equal to all the parades and performances of aircraft of the defence forces of Finland, all the may day holidays, two victories in the world Championship and one victory at the Eurovision song contest together.

Russians like holidays, fireworks, gatherings of people, rant, open the scenes, the demonstration of military force and the rise of patriotism — and all this in Saint-Petersburg on July 30 was enough.

Vest was popular

Many ordinary residents of St. Petersburg were dressed in honor of the sailors in the vest with the blue stripes, special attention was paid to children’s outfits. People looked at passing warships and flying overhead planes, proud of the fact that “Russia is no longer on his knees,” and that President Vladimir Putin can demonstrate to the world the military power of the country.

How much money was spent on the parade, was not reported, but apparently the cost didn’t bother the natives.

“It is impossible to estimate the money”, — told the newspaper Ilta-Sanomat rave from St. Petersburg, who introduced Oleg.

Like once upon a time

When watching the parade through the eyes of Finn, come to mind conflicting thoughts. I remember seeing such crowds of people in the early 1990s in Moscow, when the people, tired of Soviet power and the poverty, took to the streets.

Now in Russia a lot of unhappy, poor and those who do not trust the government. However, their protest was buried under the Kremlin’s regular festive parades with the band.

The Kremlin’s goal is to demonstrate that the opposition rallies — only the squeak of a mosquito in the ear of Putin, when the real masses are going to enjoy a dizzying Patriotic military circus which is organized by Putin’s headquarters.

But why the Kremlin is prepared to spend huge sums on a military parade, to suspend the traffic in the city for a day and give people another reason to drink vodka and champagne.

Attempt to let off steam?

One of the options of the answer lies in the fact that in this way the Kremlin is trying to reduce the pressure, which is supplied the constant propaganda of the Russian media, which is gradually growing in the minds of the people.

For the Kremlin of fomenting the emotions of people using “kitchen conversations” would be imprudent. The aggression needs to let it — for example, playing muscles for military parades.

While being a Finn in St. Petersburg well. Every person I met in the city on July 30, reacted to the foreign journalist is very friendly.

The worst feeling is justified only when a close conversation with these friendly people. It turns out that their present views on the course of the war, the initiators and perpetrators, good and bad politicians, and modern, the balance of power in the world so far removed from the view of the average Finn, that fills me with horror.

The Kremlin’s propaganda of hatred has made big changes in the minds of Russians. Growing in people, aggression and distrust towards the West is increasingly felt in everyday life.

The head of Russian is happening now something more frightening than chartered for a parade in St. Petersburg warship or already obsolete the age submarine.