English-speaking readers about the U.S. sanctions against Russia

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3:16 AM GMT+0300
“I created a really huge company that is worth several billion dollars, — said trump. — In many ways, this was the reason that I was elected President.”
Largely the reason that he was elected President, was that ill-informed residents of red States didn’t know how many companies failed trump, bringing them to bankruptcy.


teve sumner
2:41 AM GMT+0300
He took the law and is not going to do it.


The Real American
2:36 AM GMT+0300
America will be great again, once this American Chinese-Russian President will see his last sunset in the White house.


Guillaume Adlevologos
2:33 AM GMT+0300
It is a pity that it did not happen before the G20 summit. I am sure that their first “date” would have been not so good.


2:32 AM GMT+0300

I believe that trump had no choice but to sign the law. If he were to veto it, the bill, of course, would pass, having overcome the veto because of his vote majority in the Senate. His veto of a bill would create more problems in respect of trust on the part of Congress and many Americans. He was forced to say that the law “many serious shortcomings”, trying to calm his idol Putin. But I think we probably need to do something to solve some issues with our European allies. We need them and we need them.

As for transactions, trump “anything” did not and only attributed to himself what is already being done for many years, and discredited our ability to build relationships that are needed for transactions.


Smokey Joe Sr
2:30 AM GMT+0300

Now even the Russian Prime Minister Medvedev tells the truth about trump, “the trump showed a complete helplessness, in the most demeaning way by transferring Executive powers to the Congress.
We always knew that they think trump is weak, and now they can say it openly”.

How many friends stayed at the trump, in addition to Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Israel and the Philippines?


Ivan P Dubinsky
2:27 AM GMT+0300
I think that the main reason that trump is satisfied with the performance, pretending that he is against these sanctions, because he’s terrified that Putin in retaliation will release the dirt on him, which he has.


1:34 AM GMT+0300

If he really believed that the bill has serious flaws, he shouldn’t have to sign it. But his ego would not survive if Congress overcame and rejected his veto.


1:33 AM GMT+0300

Trump called some of the provisions in the bill clearly unconstitutional. He and his administration are unconstitutional because they do not serve their country, the USA. He also said that he can do better deals than the Congress. What?! It was he who sued for bankruptcy six times? As always, blame him and the others. And he actually signed the bill on sanctions? The Republicans embrace it, and so courted,… no one really knows for sure.


Activated and engaged
1:22 AM GMT+0300

It is reported that the trump before signing the bill called Putin. Why? What Trump now Putin advises that sign?? Also this week, McMaster was fired from the national security Council three loyalists’bannon (Russia). It seems that there ought to be a serious.


1:22 AM GMT+0300

Trump was never a real billionaire and will never be a real President.


1:10 AM GMT+0300

“Serious shortcomings” because now Donald just can’t pass Vlad. Donnie, that’s what happens when adults realize that the child can not play with sharp objects.


1:18 AM GMT+0300

Thank God that Congress has tied the hands of the most incompetent, deceitful and ignorant President in our history.


Jabba Harpoon 5
1:02 AM GMT+0300

In place of Putin, I would not miss a great opportunity to test the strength of NATO, starting the invasion of Estonia.

Ol’ Bob
12:54 AM GMT+0300

Let’s see — trump signed the bill, despite the fact that it has “serious flaws” and “clearly unconstitutional.” In fact, as he…


1:08 AM GMT+0300

Today, the President trump signed the bill on sanctions against Russia, hiding under the Desk in his oval office, the Kremlin did not see in the spy surveillance camera, which they mounted Jared.


12:51 AM GMT+0300

Both trump recognizes the fact that the Russians interfered in our elections. Well.


12:49 AM GMT+0300

The founding fathers did not think that people will allow you feeble-minded little man-boy to become President. Despite the fact that he received three million votes less than his well-prepared, the adult the opponent.


12:48 AM GMT+0300

Poor Trampusch… now, when Putin is angry at him, tonight he will not sleep. I thought Putin is smart, he should know that trump makes a fool of everyone who trusts him or enters into a deal with him. But I feel that not everything is as it seems.