How to pump up the legs at home: exercises and tips

During training, paying more attention to the hips and waist, many girls ignore the exercises for legs. And because feet are not only the main symbol of feminine beauty, but also a means of transportation. And you need to pump the leg muscles, not only in order to increase its attractiveness, but also for greater efficiency of training reports

How to build leg at home

1. Lie on your right side, forming a right angle legs-the torso. Rest on the floor with the left palm in front of him. Then slowly lift up your left leg until is clearly not going to feel the thigh muscle strain. For a few seconds hold the leg at this point and return slowly to the starting position. This exercise should be repeated for each leg of 15-25 times.

2. Exercise for inner thigh: lie on your right side and pull in a straight line legs, and torso. Head is put on right hand. Keeping the right leg straight, slowly bend left, while putting a foot in front of right foot on floor, then lift up very slowly, without lifting from the floor the left foot, then right. Exercise is also repeated 15-25 times for each leg.

3. Attacks give stress to the thigh muscles and the quadriceps: you need to stand straight with feet together (to slightly increase the load, grab a light dumbbell). Make a lunge forward with your right foot and bend it at the knee, shifting her weight so that appears almost as a smooth line back and left hip. Now return to starting position and repeat the exercise on both sides of from 15 to 25 times.

A few tips on how to pump his legs as fast as possible:

1. Start exercise very slowly. You’ll need some time and some perseverance. Do not immediately start intense exercise, especially without prior training or if you are a very rare guest in the gym;

2. Accept the idea that in order to achieve the perfect form for your feet, you’ll need some time. Remember that excessive load, and the expectation of instant results leads usually to a very rapid weakening of initial motivation;

3. Vary your exercises, mix and match and alternate loads. Much faster to get to achieve the desired result, if one day you will spend swimming and the second run, then the third will be the day of the dance, and the fourth for the exercise of power;

4. No need to be afraid of “hardware”, many girls refuse it because they are afraid of injury or excess muscle. If you only use light weight to give your legs a beautiful shape will be much easier;

5. To run better on a hilly terrain or just walk through it. There are several reasons. First of all, this area is well diversifies itself exercise much better on the hills than on level surfaces. And even much better in this case, strengthening the muscles of the legs;

6. Always remember about stretching, do stretching exercises before and after workouts. This not only significantly increase efficiency in the workouts, but also contribute to their safety.