Petersburg the day after the explosion: today Anna will go to work by car

Today the teacher of English Anna Yastrebova need to go to work, but obviously she doesn’t want to use. She lives near the metro station “Institute of Technology”, the same branch where on Monday 3 April, an explosion occurred.

When she woke up on April 4, I immediately decided to check the news: it turned out anything new about the explosion that happened on April 3?

“I’m afraid to use public transport and particularly the metro,” she says to news Agency Lännen Media in St. Petersburg.

Have Yastrebova has a car and a job, she is going to go on it. She usually takes the subway to avoid the terrible traffic on the way to work.

3 April, after the explosion in the subway Yastrebova called many friends and anxiously asked if she was at the moment of explosion in the subway. On Monday, she went down into the subway because she felt bad and didn’t leave the house all day.

She says that many of her friends on 3 April picked up due to the city’s traffic jams.

The explosion in the subway of St. Petersburg is not surprised Yastrebov. Instead, it is thought that St Petersburg had greatly been lucky, because so far in this big city there were no major attacks.

“Honestly, I’ve dreaded this moment since the time of the explosions in the Moscow metro,” she says.

The feeling of fear lasted for about an hour

Living in Saint-Petersburg Finn, Jan Neva (Neva Jan) woke up at eight-thirty the next morning after the explosion.

“Of course, the school will go. Today take the son to school by car”, — reported by Neva on the phone in the center of St. Petersburg.

Monday April 4, Neva was really scared when I heard about the explosion in the subway. He knew that it was at this time his 12-year-old son returned home on the subway, and just as the branch, where the explosion occurred. The boy was back home with grandpa. They reached the station of “Technology Park” because it had already closed.

Neva said that he is not afraid.

“It was terrible yesterday. Fear gripped me for an hour. Do not believe that there will be more explosions, because now everywhere is very strict inspection.”

“Of course, a little excited to use the subway. Now feel different.”

“When you approach closer, the attitude is changing. The explosion occurred very close,” he says.

Neva will continue to use metro and beyond. Usually he goes by car but are planning to go to subway today.

“I don’t have to deal with fear. The probability that I will get into such a situation, is extremely small”.

Professional artist and student of the Imperial Academy of arts lives in St. Petersburg with his wife and son for about a year. He used to come here.