What happens if North Korea begin missile attack

According to experts, a President trump would be, “maybe 10 minutes” for decision-making about the retaliation on North Korea — in that case, if it will ever launch a missile capable of reaching mainland United States.

Discussing with the correspondent of the Associated Press the question of what will happen in the event of a nuclear attack by North Korea, David Wright (David Wright), a scientist working on issues of global security within the organization “Union of concerned scientists” (UCS) and Markus Schiller (Markus Schiller), a specialist in the field of rocket technology from the German company ST Analytics, said that in this case, it will happen.

“The time frame will be very narrow,’ said Wright. Even in the case of rockets of distant radius of action have to do many steps to detection of start and specific data, and therefore the President will remain, perhaps 10 minutes for the decision on the retaliation”.

Although experts continue to insist that the North Korean missiles are not yet capable of reaching the United States, the Communist nation announced Monday that it has such capabilities.

The state Central Telegraph Agency of Korea (KCNA) following the end of the week testing missiles “And 12” in its report, claims that North Korea is able to send a “rocket of large size with a nuclear warhead” across the Pacific.

However, Kim Dong-yub (Kim Dong-yub), Professor of Kyungnam University, South Korea (Kyungnam University) in conversation with local reporters, said that at best the missile capable of reaching Alaska or Hawaii.

But if North Korea actually has the ability to strike targets throughout the United States, then, according to Wright and Schiller, the situation could spiral out of control — and it will happen very quickly. Wright believes that running this sealed state Intercontinental ballistic missile will require about half an hour to reach San Francisco, whereas, according to Schiller, Seattle and Los Angeles can be damaged after less than 30 minutes after it starts. As for new York and Washington, a distance of about 11 thousand kilometers, the missile will reach them for 30-40 minutes, I think Schiller and Wright.

American allies around the Korean Peninsula will have an even narrower window of opportunity, in that case, if Kim Jong UN decides to attack its neighbors in the South Pacific ocean.

How do you think Schiller and Wright, the residents of Seoul are going to keep from zero to 6 minutes (the time from launch to hitting the target) in order to have somewhere to shelter in case of missile attack. The Japanese will be a little longer, but not much. Shiller and Wright believe that North Korea launched the rocket will take 10-11 minutes to hit targets in Tokyo.

You should also consider that Kim might use chemical or biological warheads, as well as to carry out a massive attack on South Korea and Japan, using medium-range missiles “Scud-ER” (Scud ER) test, which was conducted in March of this year.

Although protection systems are in place to repel such attacks, Shiller and Wright warn that they may not work or be useless in the case of the artillery attack and the use of a large number of warheads.

In an interview with the Associated Press, these experts noted that in case of real attack or threat of missile attack is one possible scenario might look like this: the first target will be the South Korean city of Busan, the port which is often used for the ships of naval forces of the United States.

According to Schiller and Wright, the next step will be difficult to determine, but if trump decides to strike back, he can use Intercontinental ballistic missiles, ground-based, to start which will require five minutes or missiles deployed on submarines that will be in the air in 15 minutes.