Will stand you in front of Chinese hegemony?

If we look back on six months of the administration trump, the disturb not a loud exchange of attacks from the American media and political scandal around the Russian suspicions. All these scandals by themselves attract attention, but the real danger is that they depleted American power and leadership. Moreover, under the flag of democracy, the United States built a postwar world order, but now they have left the international scene because of his own whims, with the result that their place was taken by a rapidly growing superpower that promotes totalitarianism.

The situation perfectly mirrored the international conference on security issues in the Asia Pacific region Shangri-La Dialogue. The Minister of defence of the USA James Mattis (Mattis James) has expressed concern over Chinese aggression in the South China sea, which caused the audience:

“70 years ago, U.S. Secretary of state Dean Acheson (Dean Acheson) wrote that he had witnessed the emergence of a world order built on the initiative of the United States. However, if we consider the situation around NATO, the TRANS-Pacific partnership (TPP) and the Paris agreement, that we are now witnessing the collapse of the world order caused by the US”.

Is the standard-bearer of the free world, created the post-war order, with their own hands will turn this flag?

Thoughtful Minister Mattis in response cited the words of Prime Minister Winston Churchill (Winston Churchill): “If you use all the alternatives, Americans will come to the correct orbit”.

The White house does not subside debate between advocates of international cooperation and classic group of people from the army, including the Mattis and those who promote isolationism. Apparently, at the conference, Shangri-La, the American Minister of defence expressed confidence that, ultimately, diplomacy trump will come to the correct orbit.

However fears of participants of the International conference have not gone away. United States, a Maritime power, not only adhere to the diplomacy of Obama, inward-looking, but generally you want to turn into a gated island of North America.

The administration trump decided to withdraw from the Paris agreement on reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Along with criticism of the President trump to NATO, it has deepened mistrust between the US and Europe. German Chancellor Merkel said: “Europe can no longer rely on the leadership of the United States”. Thus, it underlined the excessive dependence on the US.

China, seeking to deepen the rift between the United States and Europe, uses this opportunity, introducing confusion into the camp of European countries. At the Davos forum in January, the head of China XI Jinping acted as the standard-bearer of the global economy. During the discussion of the Paris agreement, he also left the impression of himself of a man who has made his signature.

As for the situation in the Asia-Pacific region, the administration trump has also announced the release of the TTP, which has undermined the confidence of Asian countries to the United States. Countries with access to the South China sea, I doubt that Washington will continue to pursue a policy of freedom of movement. They are afraid that China will unite with the United States and impose on them economic sanctions.

The administration of the si conductive in the life of great-power politics, smiling at the distant Europe, and neighboring Asian shows teeth. When the United States withdrew from international forums, China has begun to expand its influence at the expense of the idea of “One belt, one road”.

The essence of this idea is that, as in the days when flourished “silk road”, all the cream will go only to China. This applies to infrastructure investment, and increasing exports of goods.

We can say that this is a modern version of the Chinese century Pax Sinica, which means the hegemony of medieval China and the abandonment of democratic transparency. Will stand the world in front of Chinese hegemony?