Rozenko harshly criticized the “dormant” Popy

In Ukraine will never be high pensions, if 50% of Ukrainians do not pay taxes. This was stated by Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Rozenko, writes “UKRINFORM”.

“Ukraine will never be high-level, high pensions, if 50% of Ukrainians do not pay taxes, single social payment, or pay it in full. It is an axiom in all civilized countries. A year ago, Ukraine made a very important step. We reduced by half the tax burden on the wage Fund. Today, the tax burden social contribution in Ukraine is twice lower than a year ago, and one of the lowest in Europe. It’s a small tax, but have to pay them all, ” – said Rozenko.

He noted that such a principle should become the main focus in outreach, especially for businesses. “Sleeping” Fopi (physical persons-entrepreneurs, – Ed.) says Rozenko, are purely Ukrainian phenomenon, which is not in civilized countries.

“Where and in what country of Europe is when 2 – 4 months to pay taxes, but then no, because, you see, there is something he can not. A pension then that person is also 4 months to pay and then not?” – said Rozenko.

In his opinion, without paying taxes, the person dooms himself to a miserable pension.

We will remind, on December 27 the President approved the changes in physical persons-entrepreneurs. Under the new rules, from January 1, FOP the second and third groups have to pay a single social contribution (ERU), even if you do not have income. While ERUs from 1 January 2017 rose to 704 UAH in connection with raising the minimum wage in Ukraine up to 3200 UAH.

Therefore, the “dormant” Phil became unprofitable, and the Ukrainians began to eliminate them EN masse.

At the same time, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine proposes to introduce a transitional period for the elimination of “sleeping” PE. A transition period is offered to enter for three months in order for the Ukrainians managed to eliminate their “dormant” Popy and not paid the tax during the liquidation process.