A list of phrases you can’t say mother-in-law

The confrontation between mother-in-law and sister-in-law long ago became a legend. Girls belonging to the mother’s husband as to a perfectly ordinary woman making a fatal mistake. In the eyes of the daughter-in-law mother-in-law should not be the average woman is, first of all, the mother of the husband. Always remember this, and that in dealing with mother-in-law must be respected certain taboos, reports myjane.ru.

The list of phrases which it is impossible to say mother-in-law:

“You owe me”

Such a statement in relation to that which is not sought out by you, looks at least silly. Her son chose you as a life partner, and she was forced to accept that, like it or not. She showed no initiative to get closer to you and should not take responsibility for your actions and actions.

“And my ex-boyfriend”

A textbook situation, but that it is repeated no less. On the forums and in the circle of girlfriends I’m sure you’ve heard stories about mothers-in-law, especially wirausaha of the trust to the daughters-in-law. As soon as you remain vigilant and begins excitedly to talk about past relationships, mother slowly shakes on a mustache. No doubt, in the near future repeatedly exaggerated the juicy details of your novels will be lovingly passed on to your husband.

“We’ll see”

Rare mother-in-law miss the opportunity to boast of invaluable life experience and wisdom. Especially in the treatment of grandchildren, to save the family budget and cooking. She would know how to cook soup, to swaddle babies and buy clothes cheaper. No wonder that tips mother-in-law cause you irritation. If she thinks better than her no one bakes pastries – shut up and go every morning fresh rolls.

“Your son is a sissy”

Said in despair, this phrase can destroy a young family. A positive outcome of the dispute is impossible regardless of the magnitude of the “stumbling block”. A true sissy will give you a tantrum and slams the door. Good man, wrongly accused of weak character, still will not be on your side and will hold a grudge.

“You properly raised your son.”

Do not specify mother-in-law to the shortcomings in the education of your husband, no matter how great the temptation. First, you are not forced to marry such a poor man. Secondly, it is not clear how your child will grow.

Mother in law can reciprocate by saying that after your appearance, and her son has changed beyond recognition. This exchange of pleasantries will only aggravate confrontation.

“Why do You look so bad?”

Every woman wants compliments, and adoration. If you do not want to become the worst enemy, don’t say mother’s husband that she is tired or untidy. Better give her a subscription to a fitness room or have to visit a beauty salon. Buy her a quality face cream or lipstick classic shade – it will be very nice.

“You can come live with us”

The worst sentence that can ever slip sister-in-law or son-in-law. Family psychologists have long in one voice say: the couple must live separately from their parents. Cohabitation is understandable only in extreme cases (e.g. serious illness of a parent or expressed financial difficulties).

Ignore the hints of mother-in-law to move to you. Whatever good intentions she may have invoked, with time she will begin to tell you how to stop the soup and meet the husband from work. Accommodation under the same roof with you will give her the opportunity to tell the son of your minor flaws, which he did not attach much importance. Highlight to communicate with my parents a couple days a week – so you, and they will be happy.