Beauty blogger with psoriasis been abandoned by the boyfriend seeing her without makeup

Beauty blogger Sofia Ridlington suffering from psoriasis – a chronic non-infectious disease that affects the skin. But she learned to hide it under a layer of makeup.

Learning professional make-up, 22-year-old girl began to put a selfie to Instagram.

Once on her page in social networks came across her future boyfriend, and then they met in real life and started Dating. All was well until the moment when the guy first saw the girl without makeup. After this incident, the guy threw Sofia.

Despite problems in his personal life, the popularity of Sofia is growing at breakneck speed. Now she realizes that being a beauty blogger — her calling.

Well what a bloody difference a couple of months can make? Thanks to a fabulous skincare routine and regular help with anxiety and stress issues that cause my flare ups, my face is psoriasis free! Probably not forever, but we can hope! Special shoutout to the sun for its fabulous UV rays that’s also played a big part #beauty #health #psoriasis #skincare #mentalhealth #anxiety #skin #confidence

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‘Your wear too much makeup’ ..Bitch please. #mua #makeupartist #makeup

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Tbf I think I should be a batman villain. #mua #makeup #makeuptutorial #eyeliner

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