More sanctions and problems

In fact, the inevitable support of both houses of the U.S. Congress for new sanctions against Russia (in a single package of sanctions against Iran and, I think, also against North Korea, although the inclusion in the act in the Senate there are differences) to a number of European countries can create even more problems than Moscow.

One of the points developed by the Senate bill originally provided for action against those foreign companies that are involved in projects for the construction of the Russian pipelines. The house of representatives this item is softened, and because of resentment of some member States of the European Union headed by Germany. However, the bill still contains the idea that the United States government needs to speak out against the construction of the pipeline “Nord stream-2” and to take action to ensure exports of liquefied natural gas from the US to Europe, thus creating new jobs in the United States.

Despite the fact that the sanctions will be aimed against Russia, these are included in the bill without undue modesty, theses, combined with the statements of US officials and some of the initiatives of President Donald trump called in Europe is a reasonable suspicion that the US wants to solve its economic problems at her expense. The desire in any way to sell Europe gas overseas, which is significantly more expensive than Russian supplies, will significantly reduce the competitiveness of products of the European industry in comparison with products of the United States, primarily over the ocean, because the gas is both energy and raw materials. At the same time excluded the possibility that in the foreseeable future, the EU can do large volumes of Iranian gas. These facts can not disturb the industrialized countries of Europe. After all, especially for companies in Germany, the United States is one of the main export markets.

Another question, what countermeasures can take officially United, but divided on many issues Europe. Eastern Europe led by Poland and the Baltic States seems heretical to even think that the EU may impose any against US sanctions, and decisions at this level will be taken unanimously. Accordingly, the main emphasis is done on the attempts of diplomats and lobbyists to influence Congress, but the success of this very conditional. However, in the case of continued pressure on the EU not excluded that Germany with his supporters will start feel free to specify Eastern Europe, that it gets subsidies in the EU to a greater extent because the industry of some countries-members of the unit is able to produce competitive (including in terms of cost) products, and that membership of the EU means protecting the EU and some third countries.