Rest on the Azov sea: where and how much you can find the accommodation

Tourists love the sea of Azov, because it is warm and shallow. Generally, it is considered the smallest sea in the world – its depth is 13,5 m. due to the small depth of water in the sea warms up very quickly, so the beach season lasts almost until October.

Picturesque places equipped for rest on the Azov sea coast very much. However, it should be noted that summer is a high season for these places, so to find a good room at a decent price in a popular area can be difficult. In autumn there’s more choice and lower prices.

Arabatskaya Strelka

Arabat spit. Photo: archive

Arabat spit is a spit with a length of over 100 km, which on the one side by the waters of the sea of Azov, and the other is a salt of a Gulf Sivash. And yet, this area is rich in thermal waters and reserves of therapeutic mud.

Actually, the spit is located three village – Genicheskaya Gorka, Schastlivtsevo and Small. Most of the houses in this area have been converted into guest houses and pensions. Standard double room with facilities on the floor or the base costs from 250-400 USD per day. Comfortable rooms with private bathrooms will cost 600-900 hryvnia and above.

To find private housing is also possible. For example, in the Small village of four houses with facilities on the street will cost 400 hryvnia for the knocks, and the simplest versions of wooden houses – up to 100 hryvnia.


The sea of Azov. Photo:

For those who want the same sea, but with a smaller number of people will approach the city Genichesk, located at the Northern end of the Arabat spit. It is a small sleepy town with a rich history and the seaside.

In Henichesk the cost of one-bedroom rooms with all amenities – an average of 650-800 USD per day (no food cost). There is also a very common format guest houses. In fact, it is the same small hotels, but guests can cook their own meals in the equipped kitchens. The cost of rooms without separate bathrooms – from 70 to 100 hryvnia per day per person. Rooms with facilities costs 300 hryvnia per day.

Rent one-bedroom apartment in Genichesk you can average 400 UAH per day.

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Kirillovka. Photo:

The urban-type village Kirillovka is another popular place on the Azov sea coast. This is a balneal and mud resort located in the Zaporozhye region. Are adjacent to two braids siltings and Fedotov. The resort has a warm climate and little rainfall. Moreover, it is a place removed from major cities, so staying here is usually quiet and calm. To live in Kirillovka, either in the private sector within a 15-20 minute walk from the sea, either in boarding houses or bases of rest on one of the KOs.

In the boarding house the cost of a standard room with no amenities starts from 250-300 hryvnia per day (in most bases we are talking about the cost per person, but in the room can put as many beds as you need) and bathroom in the room – from 800-1000 hryvnia. A separate house with all amenities can be found for 1400 USD per day.

In guest houses in the private sector it is possible to remove a double room with all amenities for 500-700 hryvnia per day, without them – for 300 hryvnia. A separate house can be rented for 650 UAH per day. The budget option is to rent a room in a private home. Will cost about 100 to 140 UAH per person per day.

Biruchiy island. Photo: archive

At Fedotova spit, you can go one more interesting place is the so-called Herald island. Here is Azov-Sivash national natural Park and almost no tourists. Moreover, part of the island is the border with Russia, the zone closed to access. To get on biruchiy at certain times of the administration of the natural Park, or the ticket to one of the small lodges that are located here. Numbers in these databases are from 600 to 2000 USD per day. But these places are suitable for those who want to relax away from large crowds, to enjoy the wildlife and empty beaches.

By the way, to get to it lies and on the sea with the city, although such a format has more to discover.

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Berdyansk spit. Photo: archive

Another mud and climatic resort on the Azov sea – Berdyansk. This place is very popular among Ukrainians, especially of the Berdyansk spit. Besides the sea, there is a unique source of fresh water and dirt. Berdyansk is a typical resort town with boarding houses, resorts, beaches and entertainment complexes, so the summer is crowded.

Many guest houses here are built almost on the beach and have an equipped beach. In the small hotels and boarding houses the cost of standard double rooms with all amenities starts from 500-700 USD per day. Cheaper rooms with worse conditions, for example, with facilities on site.

Also in Berdyansk you can find separate housing. For example, half of the house, with room for four people can be rented for 350-600 USD per day. For the money the owners provide everything you need although the shower is with hot water may still be on the street. Cottage with all amenities on the beachfront will cost 2000-3500 hryvnia per day depending on the condition of the house.

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