The EU is ready to give back the us sanctions against Russia

Brussels is preparing to retaliate against the US if Washington will impose on Russia a new large-scale sanctions could harm European companies.


European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker (Jean-Claude Juncker) urged the need to consider possible reactions to the case that European energy companies or other European business will fall under the sanctions, which are now being discussed in Washington.


According to the prepared for the upcoming Wednesday meeting of the Commission note, which could see Financial Times, Brussels “must be ready to respond for a few days,” if America will act, “without considering the concerns of the European Union”.


At the weekend us lawmakers agreed on the introduction against Russia of new large-scale sanctions. Thus Washington wants to punish Moscow for her alleged interference in last year’s elections.

The vote on the bill, which applies not only to Russia but also to Iran and North Korea, must pass in the House of representatives on Tuesday. A previous version of this bill was approved by Congress in June by 97 votes to two. Since it applied only to Moscow and Tehran, legislators have postponed its adoption until until the outcome of the negotiations on additional sanctions against Pyongyang.


If the President will veto the bill on sanctions against Russia, he will have to deal with serious resistance in Congress. The bill equally support both Republicans and Democrats — especially in connection with the still topical issue of the interaction between the environment trump and Moscow during last year’s elections.


Press Secretary of the White house Sarah Huckabee Sanders (Sarah Huckabee Sanders) said Sunday that the administration endorses the new wording of the bill, and made clear that the President is Donald trump ready to sign it.


“The administration supports a hard line against Russia — and in particular the imposition of these sanctions, — said Ms. Huckabee Sanders ABC News. — The original bill was poorly written, however, we were able to work with the House of representatives and the Senate. The administration is pleased that it happened and that we were able to make the necessary changes. We support the bill in its current form.”


The note says that Brussels first needs to get the administration to trump “public or written guarantees” that it will not use up new sanctions threat to EU interests.


The note of the European Commission also States that Brussels can use European legislation to be adopted by America measures “has not been recognized in Europe and could not be in her life”, and can also produce “compatible with WTO rules retaliatory measures.”


The Europeans fear that the U.S. actions could damage the European energy companies that participate in the related Russian projects. In particular, we are talking about the project “Nord stream-2”, involving the construction of additional submarine pipelines between Russia and Germany.


The project “Northern stream-2”, actively supported by Berlin, a matter of controversy in the European Union. It stands against Poland, along with a number of countries in Central and Eastern Europe, who fear that it will increase energy dependence on Russia.

However, Brussels claims that the planned U.S. sanctions threat not only for this project. According to the authors of the note, the sanctions threatened by the “maintenance and upgrading” of Russian pipelines through which gas goes to Ukraine, as well as pipeline projects in the Caspian region and the development of gas fields off the coast of Egypt.


In addition, the note warns, “these measures have the potential to affect many European companies doing legitimate business in cooperation with Russian companies in such sectors as shipping, mining and Railways, as well as in the financial sector and several other sectors.”


Brussels ‘ actions also reflect growing EU discontent with the unilateral economic aggressiveness of Washington. This month, Mr. Juncker warned US that Brussels is quickly retaliates, if the property is trump to carry out their threat and impose a European steel of the punitive duties.


American energy companies have also opposed the bill on sanctions. According to them, it will harm American business interests and play into the hands of its Russian competitors.


It is hard to say, will have the planned reaction of Brussels on the position of the White house against the bill.


This week the Committee on intelligence of the Senate and house of representatives must listen to the testimony of Jared Kushner (Jared Kushner), son-in-law, Mr. trump, now occupying a high position in the White house, his last year’s meetings with the Russian Ambassador to the United States, with high-ranking employee of the Russian state Bank and the Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya.


The eldest son of Mr. trump Donald trump Jr. (Donald Trump Jr) and former head of the electoral headquarters of Mr. trump by Paul Manafort (Manafort Paul) also agreed to tell behind closed doors to Senate investigators about his meetings with Russian officials. The dates of these closed hearings is not appointed yet.


Mr. trump denies that he or anyone from his campaign headquarters colluded with Moscow during the elections. Investigation ongoing, the FBI and Congress that he calls “witch hunt”.


Sunday Anthony’s Scaramucci (Anthony Scaramucci), which the President recently appointed Director of communications, told CNN that Mr. trump still not sure about the Moscow’s intervention in the American elections. He added that, in the opinion of the President if for hacking operations really stood Russia, she’d managed to conceal it.


“If the Russians are breaking and leaked this correspondence, you would never have known — Mr. scaramucci of the President’s words. — You didn’t have any proof. Don’t forget that they are completely confident in your ability to deceive and their hacking skills.”


According to him, the President has not yet come to the conclusion that, whether Russia for meddling in the election. “Around the wound too much misinformation… information, to discuss too early,” he said.


According to the new bill on sanctions, Mr. trump is no longer the sole decision to lift sanctions against Russia, Iran or North Korea. Instead, it should be written to address Congress and explain why he wants to lift the sanctions. After this Congress 30 days will have to decide whether he wants to meet the President.


Still the issue of lifting the sanctions imposed by the Executive power, depended solely on the White house.