TOP most common Cribs and other reasons for the departure from the set this year

To participate in external independent testing this year created 240 881 people. According uceqa, 192 778 of them are high school graduates, 2017. The number of those who wish to set decreased (in 2016 was 267 172 people). So “fight” for entering universities this year will be serious.

Many experts complain that most of the answers to the test — at the level of the “guessed — not guessed.” But some students did not expect even such a knowledge base and insure themselves “helpers”. Ingenuity it does not take! “Today” has learned from the Directors of the Kyiv, Dnipropetrovsk and Donetsk regional centers of educational quality assessment, who and for what reason flew with the arrival of another set.


In the Kyiv regional center for educational quality assessment (Kyiv, Chernihiv, Cherkasy region), there were 44 376 people. “In core subjects (Ukrainian/Ukrainian history/mathematics) the turnout was 91-93%. The control was at the highest level, so has not been without incidents that deprived some participants of EIT chance for admission this year. Was removed to Kiev 46 for printed materials, a 37 — technical devices. In the region removed 87 participants”, — said the Director of Kyiv regional center Svetlana sakaeva.

The high turnout at the level of 90-95% was observed in Donetsk (Donetsk and Luhansk region) and Dnepropetrovsk (Dnepropetrovskaya and Zaporizhia region) regional centers of educational quality assessment. In the first the UPE has registered 14 thousand, and removed to 25, and the second about 30 thousand students, and 58 removed. Mostly the causes of non-admission to the assessment are the same — try to use the tips.

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CRIB STANDARD. According to the Directors of regional centres, the palm is trying to use prepared cue cards. They usually hide in garments, in the hallway, the toilet (in baskets on the ceiling, behind the wall, sheathed with plastic), as well as write texts and formulas for yourself. The lead tips are created the old fashioned way — by hand, but there are reduced and printed, and is full pages of directories.

“In Chernigov was the case when participant set caught a view 48-sheet notebooks! There are diligent handwriting, highlighting colors, nice and clear, was written in mathematical formula, — said Svetlana sakaeva. — Who decided to cheat often gives the excitement, the desire to “powder my nose” and the lack of audience longer than usual. But there were very interesting cases. For example, in Kiev, the girl wrote a paper, gave it to her. And leaving the audience somehow failed to hit the table — and skirts fell hidden mobile phone and printed materials. Despite assurances that she did not use them, the work had not been counted”.


Center assessment said that often the participants hope to use the phone. “There was a case when the phone tried to cover up documents. The applicant checked with a metal detector, so there was hope that he would be able, while giving the documents, quietly pull the gadget”, — said the Director of Dnipropetrovsk regional center for educational quality assessment Marina Gorbenko-Hvastunova. And her colleague, the Director of the Donetsk regional center Vladimir Vlasov told about the situation:

“Uceqa during the UPE tracking information online in social networks. And we got the message that on one of our testing sites someone students tried to put the job in the Internet, hoping to help! But it was not there: in a short time was not only installed the testing point, but also the identity of the entrant, which had to be removed from the exam.”

About technology told in the Kiev regional center: “the Guy came to EIT in big headphones and told to remove them will not. We realized that he was testing the reaction of the instructors. He explained that it will be removed for violation of the order. Attempt to take away his headphones or output from the audience resulted in the fact that he began to cry out, grasp the battery… So as not to disrupt the process for all involved, left him, but warned that the regulatory Commission shall cancel the result. Near the audience just in case the on duty police. He then calmed down, but his work did not count”.

Tips. One that the lack of imagination and skillful hands


An interesting case was in Kiev center with the entrant in the glasses. The girl claimed that wearing them is not constant, and read-only. “She’ll take them off, you will put on. With him she had no documents which would confirm the doctor’s orders. The Commissioner asked them to either remove and put in place personal items, or wear and to sit in the glasses constantly. This angered the participants in the EIT. On the other hand, specialist was treated as correct, it could be smart glasses. Situation testing does not have to be uncertain — and this despite the fact that we have no right to take up the personal belongings of students,” says Svetlana sakaeva.

“And one participant we just do not know! Photo of the certificate and the appearance is strikingly different. In the end, it was not allowed to be tested”, — says Vladimir Vlasov.

BY AMBULANCE. Not without situations when I had to call an ambulance. Each of the centers argue that the simulations were not. “We have 9 participants became ill. Apparently, nervous. They were given the right to participate in additional sessions, told sakaeva. — Was that of a child who was in the hospital, the ambulance brought on the passage of UPE. On the basis of some of their arguments, the parents insisted on writing the test. The applicant became worse during the evaluation, and this soon took the party back to the house,” — says the Director of the Kiev regional center.

NUANCE. Those who have been barred from writing because of a violation of the rules, lose the right to resit, and thus for admission. With the exception of giving opportunity to such applicant to participate in additional sessio could be the case when his misconduct was the result of a breach of procedure (for example, improper performance of their duties) to the workers. “In one of the testing sites that were located so that not all the space was used for conducting the external evaluation (the line of demarcation was the table), the participant was in the toilet, which was closer. And was out of the testing! In this case, it is believed that the technician overlooked. Such applicant will take EIT in extra session,” — said Svetlana sakaeva.