Spaniard Jorge Alvarez Rurikovich claim in court on the Royal throne

Jorge Alvarez Sanchez (Jorge Álvarez Sánchez) a few years ago was quite common to see Madrid from a regular middle class family. Studied computer science and international relations and was already preparing to begin their professional career when a friend revealed to him the secret that changed his life. His official father, one that is written in the birth certificate, not his father. That Jorge is actually a descendant of the ancient Rurik dynasty, who founded the Empire in the Middle ages.


From that moment on began the Saga that has now led the young man to court, where his lawyer, Enrique Vila (Enrique Vila), requires to recognize his client’s son princes, leading their descent from the Royal dynasty. Conducting genealogical investigation, Jorge had mounted and found his real father, Hans Maximus Cabrera Rurikovich of Lochaber (Hans Maximus Cabrera Lochaber Rurikovich), met him and other members of his family, cousins, and nephews.


The young man says that to his surprise, the dynasty adopted it immediately as another member of the family, “even with joy”. They have repeatedly met that contributed to the establishment of cordial relations between father and son. Hans signed a document in Spanish and English, which recognizes Jorge Alvarez and his son and allows him to bear the name and titles of “Imperial house”, and to represent him in private and public organizations. So Jorge Alvarez became the Prince Jorge Rurikovich.


The petition stated that these securities only in writing to confirm the fact that the Imperial house has actually acknowledged. Now Jorge has appeared at various events as the son and representative of the dynasty and was known under a new name, which is obvious from attached numerous links on the Internet and social networks, where it is present at different social events as the Russian Prince. The photographs of young people dressed appropriately to their high position and rank.

In the document mentioned above from 2016, says Hans, living in Denmark, decided to admit Jorge is his son and gives him full right to use the coat of arms of the dynasty. He admits it is also his “legitimate heir”. The petition stated also that within a few months, the Spaniard worked in the interests of the Imperial house and represented him at numerous events, including with participation of Russian authorities. “At some point, the plaintiff thought it necessary and logical to officially register a change of name,” says the lawyer, claiming that specified in the passport the name is anachronistic and does not correspond to biological reality.

The lack of official recognition


So, Jorge decided to seek official recognition of his status from the family of Rurik, in particular, from his father, but then began delays and disagreements. “Direct refusal was not”, — say sources, however, report that and also official recognition was not followed, despite the insistence of the plaintiff. For this reason, the only solution was to go to court.


According to data collected by experts at the Royal houses, the Rurik dynasty rule in Kievan Rus beginning with the year of 862. In 1168 her representative, becomes the first Russian Tsar. Dynasty, branching, divided into numerous genera, among which was the Romanovich. The Moscow branch of the dynasty was in power until the end of the XVI century, then it was replaced by the house of Romanov.