Protection Marcia asks to interrogate as witnesses of two people’s deputies

The lawyer of the detainee in Italy, the national guardsman Vitaly Marcia asks the Italian party to interrogate as witnesses of people’s deputies of Ukraine Andrey Antonishak and Bohdan Matkiwsky. This was announced by the Deputy Antonischak (fraction “Block of Petro Poroshenko”) at a briefing in Kiev.

In particular Antonischak said that together with the people’s Deputy of Ukraine Bohdan Matkiwsky (independent) “they fought and created a battalion of the General Kulchitsky”.

According to him, therefore, and went to Italy to testify in the case that refute the false accusations against Marcia.

Antonischak said that during a four-hour conversation with a lawyer Marcia, he realized that “our statements are valuable and those that can turn the case.”

“The specific facts of the guilt of Sergeant Markiv there is absolutely. His arrest, his guilt is built on speculation, opinion, conjecture, assumptions, a French journalist who confuses the village settlements,” he added.

Antonischak stressed that in 2015, “the Italian party has appealed to the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, but received replies to 5 or 6 replies, the status of staff Sergeant Marcia in respect of the testimony in relation to the provision of legal aid. Therefore, in Italy was opened separate criminal proceedings. Markiv was just a hostage situation.

He also added that information was provided to Italian prosecutors that the composition of the GPU, which gave them formal replies, 2015, has changed “virtually 70-80%”.

“And it makes them that more they start trusting the government of Ukraine and they tend to palette in Ukraine and to collect here the evidence,” said Antonischak.

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According to the Deputy, the lawyer will request to draw two parliamentarians “as an important witness to call to Italy for questioning by the Prosecutor.”

“We have great hope that this will happen within a week time,” he added.

“We have provided supporting documents that in 2014, the first reserve battalion of National guard of Ukraine, which is now called a battalion named after General Kulchytsky, were not armed with mortars”, – he said and added that the Brand innocent.

Earlier it was reported that the trial of the case arrested in Italy, a soldier of the national guard Vitaly Marcia will continue in September.

As reported, the Deputy commander of a platoon of a battalion of them. Kulchytsky (volunteer formation of the National guard) Vitaly Markiv was arrested on 30 June in Italy on suspicion in murder of the Italian citizen, photojournalist, Roselli in may 2014 near Slavyansk.

According to Deputy Prosecutor General Yevgeny Enina, suspicion Marcelo put forward by the Prosecutor of the city of Pavia. ENIN also reported that the Prosecutor General’s office appealed to the Italian authorities to provide credible evidence of guilt Markiv, or immediately release him.

In the Department of communication of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine reported that against Marcia testified a French journalist. As stated by the Ukrainian consuls, psychological state Marcia normal, his conditions of detention are satisfactory.