Cook with the heat of the summer: how to insulate a balcony

Hot summer ajar balcony door is able to add coolness to the apartment. But in autumn and winter, if it is not glazed or insufficiently sealed, the balcony is a “worker” according to the transmittance of cold air into the apartment, and without your consent. Since the summer is the best time for warming the balcony.

“Today” has learned, what methods offer today the Ukrainian master (they now have a “hot time”), what effect do expect the tenants of engaging in any warming, how long it will last, what are the possible nuances and how much you will have to pay out of the family budget for heat.


The first thing specialists offer weatherization — glazing balcony using energy saving materials. “I advise you not to do balcony unit fully made of glass: to make glass “above the belt”, and below sandwich panels, trimmed with any material — said the Director of construction company Viktor Zarovny. — It would be more practical if you on the balcony keep inventory (you fall, can break polyalkene) and safer — especially if there are children. The temperature in the apartment will rise by 2-3 degrees due to the layer of air, but as for separate rooms, there will still be cold. A good montage of this design will cost from 15 thousand UAH”.

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BATTERY. Many endure heaters on the balcony. “The trend in the installation of floor heating, the removal of heating pipes and installation of radiators, — said the employee of the company that provide services for weatherization and repair Yury Baryshnikov. — If there is a choice, it is more reliable and cheaper (about 3-4 thousand UAH) to carry out heating and to supply cast-iron, bimetal or aluminum radiators: 10 sections of standard size will allow children to play on the balcony in the bitter cold”. Among the disadvantages — the complexity of installation, large problems with the installation, if something goes wrong and need to harmonize with the local authority.

TO REMOVE THE BALCONY. In some cases it makes sense to consider the option of attaching the balcony to the room and maximum insulation — with energy-efficient Windows and adding sections to the radiators. Or you can sheathe a balcony with insulation (mineral wool, polystyrene foam, etc.). Such work will cost from 10 thousand UAH.


If after warming the balcony you saw a fungus (due to poor construction and violations of air circulation), try to play on the warranty service from the same professionals. “They’ll do it cheaper than others. And you push that this is partly their fault, and advises the master on warming Andrew Girev. — Will have to make ventilation and to eliminate defects of Assembly. Separately will have to pay for fighting by the fungus. For the prevention of its occurrence, apart from the quality of ventilation, can spread through the house containers with silica gel. It will absorb excess moisture”.

From the fungus will save ventilation