The Cabinet reported for the six months of work, the salary of Ukrainians increased by almost 20%

The Ukrainian government reported for the six months of operation in 2017. “Today” has analyzed the report of the Cabinet and found out what officials are most proud of and whether they can achieve the promise.


If you compare the first quarter of 2017 with the same period last year, GDP grew by 2.5%. Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman adds that from January to may, the real wages of Ukrainians grew by almost 20% and average — 37%, amounting to UAH 6464. “This can be called the overhaul of the country. This is an indication that our economy is recovering”, he said. In addition, the government report says that over half failed to fix 372 km of roads, and on the programs of regional development sent to 3.3 billion UAH.

A separate unit in the report of the Cabinet stands a healthcare reform. In its framework in April was able to run the program “Affordable medicine” — compensation to the cores, asthmatics and diabetics cost of drugs. Today it is attended by over 6 thousand pharmacies, and Ukrainians, for drugs reimbursed UAH 126 million. Not spared in the report officials and raising the minimum salary up to 3200 UAH this year. According to them, only in January of this growth is felt 3.5 million Ukrainians.

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Finally, the number of criminal offences decreased by 16.5%. If six months of 2016 they were was 356 thousand, this year — 297 thousand While the number of homicides was less than 154 cases, and burglaries by 36 thousand In General, the number of solved crimes increased by 20.5%. Finally got to court 3433 indictment — 1192 more than last year. While defense spending increased almost 11 billion and in total they will amount this year to 69 billion.


Economist Oleksandr Okhrimenko said that GDP growth was achieved through increase in turnover in the country. “The second factor that affected the economy was the construction. At the moment we have industry and agriculture still show a minus, but in construction it is a plus and big enough,” he says.

In turn, the political scientist Ruslan Bortnik adds: the growth in the construction sector today accounts for about 20% compared to last year. And the head of the Secretariat of the Council of entrepreneurs under the Cabinet of Ministers Andrei Zablovsky notes for the release of economic indicators to pre-crisis growth rate of 2% is not enough.

GDP growth has influenced the construction and growth of trade

“This is still very low given the rate of decline of economic performance that we had last year. In fact, the growth rate in the us should be two times higher or at least 4%, so we went to the path of sustainable economic growth. Yes, we recovered, but it is still uncertain,” — said Zablovsky.

Bortnik added that a planned report for remaining six months (see false column) will be extremely difficult. “Had neither the time nor the energy. In my opinion, in the remaining months, the government will try to at least start on key reforms,” said political analyst Sergei Taran.


In addition to the report, the government also presented its plans for the next six months. First and foremost, the Cabinet promises to modernize the payment of 9 million pensioners. Also, officials want to Refine the concept of land reform and to expand the list of drugs in the program “Affordable medicine” (today they cover only three illnesses — asthma, diabetes and heart problems). This year I want to launch the reform of the Secretariat of the government and ten ministries. Finally, in the plans — the new law on transparent privatization.