Water in Kiev will become healthier

Alternative water supply from an artesian well water of Jurassic horizon depth of about 260 m, while there is only one Kiev RC “Autograph” that the Park “Victory”. But the developer plans to further develop the provision of artesian water in other construction sites.

“We were the first to invest in the establishment of conditions providing the Ukrainians a better quality of life. Because a healthy family is, inter alia, healthy water,” says Alexander Nasikovsky, the managing partner of DIM. At the moment the company has already allocated UAH 2.2 million for drilling wells and conducting water in each apartment.

The deep aquifer is considered to be Jurassic, from which water will be supplied to each apartment through a system of pumps. Water from this horizon is also the most pure. Due to the depth of over 200 m, this level of protected natural Sandstone and clay from malicious contamination. Now the water of such quality can be found among popular brands of bottled water that is sold throughout Ukraine in large volumes. “Not in our power to take care of every child and every adult, but directly in our projects we can give people the Essentials for a healthy life – now and high – quality water,” the company says.

In Ukraine there are no statistics that would have talked about morbidity among children and adults associated with water quality. But environmentalists which year are sounding the alarm because of pollution of water bodies where the water comes into the apartment of the Ukrainian Central communications.

Recently in the company of DIM adopted the strategy “Healthy family DIM”, according to which will adhere to the standards of enhancing the environmental performance of housing, to maintain good neighbourliness by creating comfortable common spaces, and strengthen health and sports spirit, directing funds for the creation of healthy initiatives.