The government against the adoption of children by gay couples

The government rejected the petition of the Reformist centre of religion and state and the Association of gay fathers, stating the impossibility to change the law to grant same-sex couples to adopt children in Israel. The state argued that “passed for adoption the child receives “an additional burden”on”.

The state opposed the adoption of children by same-sex couples — such conclusion follows from the state response to a petition filed last week in the Supreme court of Israel the court of appeals, shortly before the hearing, which will take place on Thursday. The state argued that “everything must be done to keep the child from “additional burdens””.

Reformist centre of religion and state and the Association of gay fathers petitioned the Israel’s Supreme court, the high court below had the opportunity of adoption of children to couples cohabitating, and same-sex couples, while today the law allows adoption only by traditional families registered their marriage. In the past the government has said that couples in a civil Union to adopt children without the need to change the law, but it was decided not to change the rules for granting this right to same-sex couples.

“To satisfy this requirement, appropriate amendment in the law”, — was stated in the official statement of the government. “The letter of the law does not allow such interpretation. Therefore, to deal with all such claims must Parliament”.

It was also stated that “the service of social protection of children is recommended not to change the law, on the basis that “adoption is in itself an ordeal for the child, and it is therefore desirable, whenever possible, to protect him from the additional burden it will receive in the form of family, which is so far an unusual phenomenon in Israeli society.”

Attorney Riki Shapira Rosenberg, representing the interests of the filing of the petition, welcomed the decision of granting adoption rights to persons in a civil marriage, adding however, that “we are greatly saddened by misinterpretation of the adoption act. This interpretation contradicts the basic principle of respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms and the principle of equality. The decision of the state suggests that from the point of view of adoption it regards same-sex couples as second-class”.

Chairman of the Association of gay fathers UDI Lederer allowed myself even more harsh words. “The Israeli government has declared it as war on the families of LGBT people”, said Lederer. “We once again are faced with the insensitivity and unresponsive representatives of the legal profession. I think it amazing that the government is ready to invest vast resources in litigation, resulting in over LGBT families only scoff, instead channel these resources to improve the lives of citizens.”

“The Minister of justice and Minister of social welfare, who said this week in the high court of its decision to continue the discrimination of LGBT couples reserved a particularly dark Chapter in the book of the history of the LGBT movement in Israel,” added Lederer.