Education reform: what will happen to colleges and technical schools

According to the Law “On higher education” some of the colleges will become vocational schools. Universities will remain only those who receive a license for the training of Junior bachelor or bachelor. But the Ministry of education and outlined the requirements for training of Junior bachelor. Therefore, the Parliament has delayed the abolition of the qualification “Junior specialist” until 2019. The website “Today” to find out what will happen to universities and colleges after the education reform.

“Junior specialist” can cancel

In Ukraine there are 387 colleges and technical schools. In the course of education reform some of them will become vocational schools. To remain in the status of the University, colleges will need to obtain a license to train Junior bachelors or bachelors. Colleges had to spend the last set of Junior professionals in 2016. However, after more than two years in the Ministry of education outlined the requirements for the training of Junior bachelors. And the Parliament had two months before the start of entrance campaign to reopen the recruitment for the qualification of “Junior specialist”. In the Ministry of education note: admission of students to colleges was extended for a transition period.

“While the future of the College is unknown. We would like to remain the Central link between school and University in the training of nurses. It is not nurses and Junior medical staff. Most likely, we will remain as the highest professional educational institution. We see it like that. It will be really hard to say. Yet allowed the recruitment of Junior specialists for another two years”, – says the Deputy Director of the Kiev city medical College Elena Rybachuk.

According to Svetlana oleksyuk, an expert of “Education” Reanimation package of reforms, the indeterminate status of the colleges arose from the hasty adoption of the Law “On higher education”. First, the Parliament was to adopt a title Law On education, which would determine the status of colleges.

“What will happen to colleges – I don’t understand. From the point of view of the state we need to develop the segment of vocational education is not necessarily vocational. The hasty adoption of the Law “On higher education” has put the cart before the horse. Now many people have to suffer from the implementation of the law. It would be easier if the law on higher education “held” prior to the adoption of the basic law in education,” – said oleksyuk.

To determine the status of Junior specialists and colleges is hampered by other factors. Vladimir Bakhrushin, a member of the higher education sector Scientific and methodological Council MES, believes that the uncertainty arose because of the attempts to bring the Ukrainian education to international standards. But there between vocational education and the bachelor there is only one level – “short-cycle higher education”. In the Ukrainian Law “On higher education” was first introduced, this level is called “Junior bachelor”. But really the younger bachelors in Ukraine is not prepared and there is no clear understanding who it was. However, the colleges produce Junior specialists. According to the expert, now in the Ministry of education to discuss an exception to the level of “Junior specialist” and the introduction of a level “Junior bachelor”. Also, the Ministry is considering the possibility to leave both qualifications.

“So far, there have been discussions between theoreticians, colleges, vocational training of workers and employers from different fields of activity. Need to coordinate the interests of all parties, nobody gets hurt,” adds the Bakhrushin.

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Between the University and vocational schools

According to the Law “On higher education” colleges train Junior bachelors and bachelors and can train Junior specialists. However, the law provides no qualification of “Junior specialist” a degree of higher education. According to Vladimir Bakhrushin, colleges that will prepare Junior specialists, will be vocational training institutions.

“The colleges remain element of higher education. But only if they have a license to train Junior bachelors or bachelors. If colleges train Junior specialists, they go on to vocational education. First, the transitional period was planned until 2016, but the Council extended it until 2019. While colleges remain element of higher education. But it is during the transition period”, – says Vladimir Bakhrushin.

The concept of the reform of school education, the colleges offer to make part of specialized secondary education. In the appropriate College students in addition to school programs, will be able to get a profession. If you are now College graduates take exams in the future they will be held EIT. It is planned that the relevant school will be created from 2023 to 2029. The location of the colleges did not determine that the bill “On education”, which Parliament adopted in the first reading.

“The bill “About education” colleges question remains debatable. But in any case they will not be part of school education. The bill is expected to be specialized high school. One of the directions can be a professional profile aimed at training people who will be able to enter the labour market. Then there is the level of vocational education is already a post-secondary level. Above are Junior experts who are colleges, but for him is the uncertainty. They can be attributed both to professional and higher education, or to highlight another element of education. But in any case, younger professionals will between vocational education and the bachelor” – the expert adds.