How social networks have changed the lives of Ukrainians of various professions

The popular social network unrecognizably changed the lives of Ukrainians. Posts, likes and Shari become a universal weapon against the state bureaucracy, stealing cars, stealing things and even snow traps.

In addition, not just texts in social networks and are helping to raise money for the treatment of adults and children, catch criminals, to justice, to influence the course of repair, construction, etc. the Social network has already actively monitor and the public authorities, in order to catch the “fleas” in their work and respond to criticism.

“Today” figured out how exactly the social network in our days could help the millions of Ukrainians of various professions to solve their pressing issues.


After the Maidan events, the defense Ministry claimed “weapons” and social networks. The military said that with their help track information about army problems. “It happens every day, says the defense Ministry spokeswoman Oksana Gavrilyuk. — Every morning, 8:00, the Minister serves monitoring information, including social networks. This refers to the monitoring information, where we are talking about nutrition, form, security of servicemen and their rights. Critical information is subject to verification. If the detected violation, the offender will be punished”
One of the latest examples, when the military was checking the information from social networks, information that in military shaike was discovered pieces of meat with the teeth of the unknown animal. This post in the spring of this year published one of the former fighters, the information for a few hours gained hundreds of views. According to the defense Ministry, its staff found that the published image — nothing like a mounted photograph to discredit APU. The military said that the author of the post did not wish to make contact and to inform, where it was discovered the teeth of the monster.

Perhaps the biggest scandal for the last time was new year, the situation in Mariupol. Hotels in soldiers after a meeting with the leadership of the country have become hostages of the situation — the transport that brought them to Mariupol, left without them, and they were not able to get the New year on their positions. Angry men began to write social media posts. A week later, the defense Ministry official reported that an official audit. “Seven officers whose actions led to this situation, will receive disciplinary action,” said the defense Ministry.

In turn, the volunteers told us that the assistance of social networks is invaluable in the “fuelling” of the army. For example, Vitaly Deynega said that thanks to the social networks managed to collect tens of millions of hryvnia for the purchase of all necessary for fighters. Still, some activists say that social media has advertised a variety of events, thousands revenue from which was used to purchase medicines and uniforms for the Ukrainian army.

Order. Fighters through the social network “punish” the boss


Social networks are equally popular among both law enforcement and violators of the law. Both of them are actively using them in their activities. For example, now, when the country was the dominance of illegal arms in the hands of citizens, some investigators deliberately recorded on a thematic Internet communities under the guise of buyers or sellers of weapons to seek out those who want to buy or sell, for example, a gun.

However, this is not one direction, which monitors law enforcement. As found “Today”, about the recent incident on the road the White Church of Kiev region police learned through the posts of users in the social network, not a statement. Recall that in late may, the circus bear Masha jumped out of the playpen and rushed into the ranks of spectators. In the confusion one of the visitors dropped and broke the phone, the beast has scared many children. The video of the incident saw cops and a RAID on the circus. Sometimes it comes to funny things. Experienced operatives told us that several years ago the staff of one of the units, then the police, found an ad about the illegal sale of kidneys. Under the guise of the buyer contacted the seller and went to the meeting. In the end, it turned out that the sellers is also the law enforcement officers who sought out those who want illegal to buy human organs. “At the meeting shook hands, laughed that they have become victims of social networks and went”, — told us one of the former Kiev police officers.

At the same time, law enforcement officers say has become a usual practice, when Ukrainians, not finding support from local authorities, wanted in social networks pages of the heads of security agencies and write to them asking for help to restore justice. Press Secretary of the Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko Larisa Sargan told us that her boss repeatedly getting these messages and to the extent possible, requests to check the incoming information.

Trend of recent times is the fact that motorists spread a network of posts about their stolen cars. In recent months, at least two cars found thanks to social networks.

Complaints. Ukrainians are more likely to write directly to the higher ranks


With the help of social networks Ukrainians in the big cities trying to tell the authorities all those cons that are in the system utility and road infrastructure.

“For example, one day I received a request from one of the passengers that in the station he could not find a wheelchair to take her child from the train to the car, — said the head of the Ministry of Infrastructure Vladimir Omelian. — The fact that this service must be provided by the station at the request of the passenger. In this particular case there were problems. A man wrote to me in the social network, and we quickly solved this problem. Not normal when there are problems, but naturally in such situations to help.”

According to him, this winter he in social networks wrote, motorists who have become hostages of snow because of snow. After that point went to the rescue teams.

A hero of social networks in February this year and became an ordinary tree stump, which the conductor of the train Odessa—Chernivtsi found an unusual application. “In the second-class car of the train was broken the lower side of the regiment — failed middle part. Conductor backed her… stump of his compartment. I photographed this “creation” and published a photo in the social network. After some time I was contacted by representatives of “Ukrzaliznytsia”, asked about what car it happened and promised to deal with the problem”, — has told to us the eyewitness of the “repair” shelves Juliana skibicka. As told to us in “ME”, after checking the damage eliminated.

As it turned out, the Ukrainian road can surprise not only the terrible pits, but “drunk” markup. In September last year on the street Good way of Goloseevsky district of Kiev noticed the road markings, applied in the form of an arc. After the publication of information in social networks, the activists painted over dangerous for drivers markings, and road workers said that “creativity” had no relationship.

It has become a usual when Internet users post on the social network information about all found documents. For example, one of those who lost passport while on a trip, Lyudmila Panchenko, told us that found him due to the fact that people took a picture of the find and posted information to the network. Another tracked down on social networks of a relative, Ludmila, Oleg Panchenko, and announced, where exactly is the passport of Lyudmila. In the end she happily returned the document later, 4 hours after the loss. Often in social networks users publish photos found a driving licence and gadgets. It happens that among found there are still decent people that return things to their owners.

The “repair”. After the publication of a photo in networks, the author was contacted and removed the misunderstanding


Over the past 4 years social networks have become a special and popular among those who collect money for treatment for yourself or your loved ones. Has become a common phenomenon in social networks to announce the start of the date auction, proceeds from which goes to the needs of the ill person. We will remind, the auctions dates begin with the fact that in SoCs
Utah boys and girls put their photos to everyone for a fee of 100 UAH were able to meet with them and, for example, a walk in the Park or for coffee.

One of the first to like this auction helped to raise part of the necessary amount, about $15 million — a 34-year-old from Kiev marketer Elena Chernook. She needed a bone marrow transplant, but the required amount was not, so her friends organized a date auction to pay for the surgery in a foreign clinic.

“Lena it’s okay, she’s officially healthy, but is in remission. Of course, the consequences were”, — told us the organizer of auction Dating and best friend of Helen Catherine Tsesarenko. According to Catherine, to collect money through social networks took about six months. “Money began to be collected in late January and finished in June,” she said. And added that Elena now leads an active lifestyle — ready to conquer Everest, so these days is training for the ascent in the Carpathians.

One of the participants of the auction, the date at which cost maximum of 5 thousand UAH, told us about how the increased price for the lot-date. “The first bet on a date with me starts from 150 UAH, and then rose to 500, 1000, 2500 and 5 thousand UAH. The last bet nobody “surpassed”. Anyone who did bet, I don’t know how and customer visits. After he pay for a date (will transfer money into the account Chernenok), you will receive a certificate (sort of check), and we will meet”, — told us one of the participants of the auction, model Yana Turbine.

However, a date auction, the activists often organized in order to help wounded soldiers at the beginning of the military conflict. Lots of meetings started also
from 100 UAH.

Elena Chernook. Her life was saved thanks to the Dating and social networks


However, do not always serve the social good. Often they are used with bad intentions, and the security forces have to react. Over the past three years in state register of court decisions appeared 30 sentences that have been imposed on the users of social networks. The decision of the court these citizens were convicted in what was called the other Internet users “to take the example of Donbass”, not to obey Ukrainian laws and authorities. However, in court it turns out that the online supporters of the breakaway “republics” have managed to sincerely repent, but it helps a little. One of the penitent, the court still convicted of attempts to overthrow the constitutional order of Ukraine and sentenced to two years probation.

Was convicted for propaganda of Communist ideology in social networks. For example, in may this year, Galitsky district court of Lviv has sentenced one of the local residents to conditional imprisonment for 2.6 months for what he promoted in the social network Communist symbols. The defendant admitted his guilt and assured that more such will not be engaged.

Our security sources told that after the war in the Donbas monitoring of social networks has become one of the priorities in their work. “This work now is ongoing. It is now vital,” — told us the operatives.
To this was added that thanks to the social networks and publish there photos often impossible to identify some of those who were fighting with the militias in the Donbass.

And sometimes users themselves United in the punitive organs. In social networks there are communities where victims of “black realtors” citizens use the Internet to get personal details of offenders. So do realtors, who once offended the tenant. “There are those who will rent an apartment, and after a few hours Rob her. Therefore, surrendering to her, always taking pictures of tenant, in the event of accident to put the portrait of the thief in a special community in social networks. In law enforcement there is little hope, therefore, fighting their own”, — told us the realtor Kyiv Antonina Lukyanova. And security officials are recognized: “If there’s not enough performance, then we go into these communities and have offered to victims to come and write a statement about the crime.”

Judge. In dozens of cases after the post received sentences