Poland has changed the working conditions for Ukrainian citizens

The Polish Sejm has recently passed a law that simplifies the employment of seasonal workers. At the same time, for those who want to stay in the country longer, yet new challenges arise, writes UBR.

So, it is now possible to find a job to work on bizwise. No need to arrange a working visa — it is enough to have a biometric passport and an invitation from the employer. In such conditions it is possible to stay in Poland 90 days in six months — as well as the tourist bezveze.

This information is already on the official website of the border service of Poland. These conditions are ideal for seasonal workers, experts say.

Invitations can be obtained directly from the employer and when applying through a recruitment Agency. Polish employers providing work for the season, are interested in the fact that the influx of Ukrainian workers did not decrease, therefore will continue to issue invitations, experts say.

Harder now we have those who want to settle in Poland for a longer period. Since the beginning of July introduced restrictions on employment agencies: the terms of employment of foreign workers should not exceed 18 months.

“Earlier restrictions did not exist. Looking for permanent job in construction, STO, companies, carriers, agriculture (mainly large farms)”, — said the lawyer of cooperating with Polish law firm as a lawyer, Irina Mizin.

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To stay more than three months, the Ukrainians have come up with the following scheme: go for bizwise legally as tourists or “business journey” for 90 days, and is already in place get a work permit. In this our workers help Polish employers. Most importantly — do not wait until the last.

Thus Ukrainians can legalize their stay in Poland longer than the prescribed 90 days, experts say. But be warned – the semi-legal way.

“This method is semi-legal, but the poles do not want to lose labor, so if anything come to the rescue their wards. On the one hand, corruption in Poland has not been canceled, on the other, workers are so many to check all by the labour Inspectorate just physically can’t keep up. And sent home in most cases, only when too much proshtrafivshihsya — commit some offence, for example”, — said the Chairman of trade Union of workers “Labor solidarity” Vitaly mahinko.

At the same time, experts say, early next year the poles will settle another point, which will facilitate the Ukrainians work. Now with the change of the employer in Poland, Ukrainians need to apply through your employer for re-registration, which can last up to several weeks. That is, when changing jobs Ukrainian remains for some time on the “bird rights”. He may in the end just not to pay for the work, either at the first inspection to expel. From January 1 next year, this re-registration will occur almost instantly, regardless of the day of the week — online.

“Before an employer could never submit these documents by tricking the employee. And he actually had no rights, working in Poland. Next year the situation will change for the better” — said Mahinko.

We will remind, earlier the Minister of family, labour and social policy of Poland Elzhbeta of Rafalski said that Poland does not have enough manpower. And the President of the Union of entrepreneurs and employers of Poland Cezary Kazmierczak noted that his country planned in the coming years to attract an additional 1 million migrant workers from Ukraine, Belarus, and Vietnam, as they are “well established in the labour market”.