Where to learn how to run a company: DTEK Academy becomes a provider of business education №1 in Ukraine

Diploma of Ukrainian University for a long time does not guarantee that its owner will be able to make a successful career and to become a top Manager. The world is changing and requires new knowledge and skills that our education system cannot give. Therefore, in search of quality education, many future executives are going abroad. But it is not only very expensive. The problem in the fact that in the West are taught with a view to the European realities, which are often radically different from our own.

Now in this matter there has been progress: training managers on best standards will be held in Ukraine. National Academy DTEK signed a Memorandum of understanding with the business school N1 in the world — INSEAD (according to the Financial Times ranking). Plus the first cooperation, the curriculum will be adapted to Ukrainian realities. Second, a large proportion of educational lectures and workshops will be held in our country, that cheapen the process of obtaining a MBA (masters business administration). This can be compared with the introduction of a visa-free regime in the training of top managerial personnel and will lead to an increase in the number of professional managers in the country.


DTEK Academy introduces world practice of education in Ukraine is not the first year. According to its Director, Yevgeny Bondarenko, is the experience of working together with Wharton (University of Pennsylvania, USA), London business school (UK), IE (Spain). With French business school INSEAD, the Ukrainians have also collaborated, but only in the direction of training for the internal needs of the company DTEK (which is part of the DTEK Academy). “The experience of training of managers of DTEK we want to expand, and to work together for other Ukrainian companies”, —
explains the Director of the Academy of DTEK, Evgeniy Bondarenko.

INSEAD is recognized as the world No. 1 was not in vain. This business school has campuses not only in France but also in Singapore, Abu Dhabi and other cities of the world. The business school has 148 famous teachers from 40 countries, and they inspire more than 1.3 thousands of students annually from around the world. More than 11 thousand heads annually participate in Executive Education programmes, INSEAD.

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“In our business school, no students graduated and said goodbye. Students are in close contact and consult with professors and other top professionals from around the world and after its end,” explains Director of Executive Education, partner development, INSEAD Stefan Grand Chavin.

Of the best examples of study Stefan Grand Chavin said the head of “Blah blah blah car”, which at the beginning of his successful journey studied at INSEAD and has achieved tremendous success made his company famous all over the world.


Stefan Grand Chavin told that INSEAD has two types of MBA programs: open call for young people (average age about 30 years, and the experience — about 5 years) and specialized programs for senior executives. It is on the latter area will focus the work in Ukraine.

What prompts DTEK Academy and INSEAD Ukrainian market? According to experts, our managers need negotiation skills because this quality is becoming of great importance for the result of the work of the company. If we talk about management, managers need to learn innovative tools processes organization, motivation and vision of the strategy. “Our managers need both a global understanding of such concepts as leadership and narrow knowledge — how from a small company to make the most, through the opening of offices in other countries”, — says Evgeny Bondarenko.

The joint project will open to domestic companies access the knowledge and best practices of business education.

“We feel for the Ukrainian market, to take in the realities of each particular company whose leaders we have trained, and to adjust the program to suit their needs. It is important that members receive are not General knowledge, and those that they can use by coming to work tomorrow, — explains the Director of the DTEK Academy. Such programs focused on requests from Ukrainian companies will be compiled by teachers of the two schools and at the end of the year will be the first set of students”.


In addition to education of top managers, DTEK Academy is also open in the direction of change in educational standards in Ukrainian universities. “We have started work on their own initiative, because we understand: in colleges and institutions today attended by those who tomorrow will come to our company. We participated in the development of 20 standards, and by 2020 we plan that there will be 86. They are correlated with the European one. Still hoping that we will get close to rapidly,” says Evgeny Bondarenko.

Eugene Bondarenko