The rate for membership in NATO will ensure Ukraine’s safety

276 deputies of the Verkhovna Rada voted for a change in legislation proclaiming official foreign policy aim of Ukraine’s accession to NATO, rather than the previously adopted wording about “achieve the criteria necessary for attaining membership in this organization.”

It is clear that this legislation is a political manipulation because NATO is many times plain text given to understand that Ukraine is not welcome. Once again our politicians are trying to build bridges where there no rivers. With the same success it was possible to target the foreign policy of Ukraine on joining the USA as the 51 state, or in the Swiss Confederation, as you like…Watching the genuine enthusiasm of the speaker Parubiy one would think that Ukraine scored a major geopolitical victory.

The official rate for membership in NATO — this is actually the announcement of Ukraine field of the collision of geopolitical interests, which will find out their relations the West and Russia.

Interestingly, the most important strategic country for the question was adopted without any discussions. Solutions of this kind demand to be heard the arguments for and against. However, nothing like we have not heard. Silent and the opposition, it seems that only Viktor Medvedchuk remained on its position that the policy of NATO is a rejection of sovereignty.

We all remember in 2006 when Ukraine initiated a referendum on NATO, has collected over 4 million signatures, but the decision was blocked because the number of supporters of accession does not exceed 30%. Now we are told that more than 50% of Ukrainians favor joining NATO. Why, in fact, in this situation not to hold a referendum? And not to ask the opinion of the people, but 276 deputies without him and decided for the whole country. I don’t think this decision will ensure the country’s safety.

As proved by the history of the world, the pledge of the security of the state is a reasonable foreign policy, a strong economy, efficient army, political stability and civil peace in the country. Adopted by the Parliament and signed by the President, the law no scores for these positions, Ukraine did not add.