Vegetable chips less useful than normal – study

Many vegetables can easily be turned into chips that we used to consider useful unlike usual.

However, as found by the dietician, one of your favorite “healthy” snacks may not be so healthy, reports “New time”.

A study conducted by a certified nutritionist Charlotte Sitting-Reid, showed that in fact vegetable chips can be harmful for the body than regular chips.

In particular, it was found that standard packaging vegetable chips can contain only two-thirds of the vegetables, the rest is mostly salt and oil.

This leads to the fact that the fat content of each package is growing rapidly, exceeding the level of other snacks that are traditionally considered unhealthy.

For example, evidence suggests that 40-gram package Tyrells vegetable chips contains more fat (14.3 grams) than the same serving of salted Pringles potato chips and almost twice more than in the Mars bar (8.6 grams).

“Products that are often considered “healthier alternative”, for example, vegetable chips are a concern because they do not always live up to their reputation,” – said the Sitting-Reid.

“Chips are chips, and even if they are made from vegetables, they are likely to contain too much fat, saturated fat and salt. In fact, vegetable chips here have a higher level of saturated fat and salt than some well-known, generic brands of chips,” said nutritionist and added that some people can afford to eat twice as much if the product or food is perceived as healthy food.