If baby care adults

The assertion that children’s cosmetics is perfect for adults is only partly true. Not all and not for everyone. But this myth that for decades, fairly stable. Likar.info understand what is true and what is pure fiction.

What distinguishes the child’s skin from the skin of an adult

Have a growing child’s body active cellular metabolism, so the cells are updated very fast, the decay products in the body is not delayed, that is, the toxins are eliminated quickly. That is why the skin of children is delicate, soft and smooth. However, the kids have not yet formed the protective layer of the skin, the so-called hydro-lipid film, due to which their skin is very vulnerable and sensitive. Therefore, manufacturers of children’s cosmetics introduced into the children’s means of substance, the task of which is to form the hydro-lipid protective film.

Adolescence in humans is the formation of its own hydro-lipid film, respectively, the skin at this time there is no need in additional protection. Moreover, such “Intrusive service” it may only harm double the film allows the skin to breathe properly, clogs the pores and results in a rash and dermatitis.

At older ages, from children’s cosmetics adult neither harm nor good. Cosmetics from good manufacturers must take into account age needs of the skin depends on its composition. For example, age-related skin needs hyaluronic acid, retinol, exfoliants, and other components, restoring water balance, slowing the aging process. In children’s cosmetics, they are not and can not be.

Whether cosmetics, suitable for the whole family

Some manufacturers write on packages suitable for all family members.” But we must remember that the task of the manufacturer (no matter how safe it may seem to us) to sell the product and to expand the boundaries of the target audience. What’s really going on? In such media usually contains the average number of stimuli and it is considered that this compromise should satisfy both children and adults. In children, this “minimum” may cause irritation, and for adults to be useless. Do not believe such advertising stunts.

By the way, often fans of children’s cosmetics lead to an argument, namely that children’s cosmetics is certified and dermatological control, it employs a natural based, it contains no dyes, has a neutral PH and, therefore, like those who have sensitive skin. We already explained why adults should not use baby creams in principle. As for the hypoallergenic properties, quality age cosmetics from established and proven manufacturers also has these properties.

Do all children’s cosmetics are useless for adults?

All of the above were primarily creams. Adult individuals, they absolutely do not fit. Here everything is absolutely clear, and here are some other “kids” funds can be really helpful. But again – not all and not always.

Bubble bath. Suitable for all: kids and adults. It contains extracts of natural herbs, helps to relieve irritation, softens and soothes the skin. And foam is usually better than “adult”.

Baby oil. Can be used in combination with the bubble bath – it really prevents dehydration, and when applied to damp skin maintains several times more moisture than “adult” means, and absorbs quickly.

The beauty milk. Has effects similar to oil and is suitable for all.

Baby shampoo. It’s all very selective. Many baby shampoos are not suitable for children, what is there to say about adults who they can easily cause seborrhea. On the other hand, if your hair is never subjected to any chemicals (paint, irons, styling tools, etc.) – can try. Otherwise, not worth it – don’t translate the product.

Swipe. They will replace cleaning agents in field conditions – they are perfect to remove makeup, as well impurities. But of course, it is recommended to use them for these purposes, not always, but only in the case of forced necessity. No wipes will not replace the specifically designed and properly sized cleansers.

Baby powder. This means, without exaggeration, can be called universal, as it may still use it. The problem of the sweat is not only the children, she also know full people. The powder performs the same function as that of cosmetic talc, helping to get rid of rubbing, redness and irritation.