How to become more attractive without changing your appearance: expert advice

Look attractive want. But not everyone knows how to achieve this result, because it turns out that external data is not a guarantee of success.

Despite the fact that, first and foremost, appreciate the appearance, still more attracted to people of their character, views on life and Hobbies. Experts suggest a few points that you should pay attention if you want to become more attractive and interesting, reports “New time”.

1. Be more interested

According to psychotherapist and author of several books about the relationship between Hal, Rankel, should be more interested in his companion than to tell amusing stories about yourself. People love to be interesting, so if the person will feel a sincere interest in his stories – it is sure to evoke sympathy.

2. Be open

Openness always plays an important role in building any relationship – said psychotherapist Michael McNulty. When you are ready to let people in your social world and seek to explore is always finds a response in the interlocutor.

3. Find a variety of interests

Psychologist Joseph Burgo argues that a wide range of interests outside of work will help you become an interesting person. In turn workaholics who devote almost all time to work harder to please people.

4. Smile

Smile is a powerful mechanism of attraction of people, says Burgo. When you smile, people feel the kindness and begin to trust, which is very important in building any relationship.

5. Be something passionate about

Says Terry Oruh, an expert on the relationship when man is passionate about, he can spend hours talking about it, however, is to inspire the interlocutor. Also, it shows the depth of a person.

6. Take care of yourself

The best way to care for yourself is a sport and proper nutrition. It helps to look great and always uplifting. According to Burgo, it is more important in the attraction of people than a perfect appearance.