How much Russia has to lose soldiers to leave Ukraine: named number

The number of losses of the Russian army in the Donbas should reach around 50 thousand people to the Russian people thought about the senselessness of the war and demanded its end. This was told “Apostrophe” military expert Alexey arestovich.

He cited the example of the figures of the losses of the USSR in the Afghan war.

“We have a clear indicator on Afghanistan. Official Soviet propaganda was saying that it killed 15 thousand people. This figure was invented very late, almost before the withdrawal of troops. According to unofficial investigations themselves, Afghan war veterans, foreign sources, Soviet losses in Afghanistan amounted to 115 thousand people, of which 26 thousand were buried on the territory of Ukraine. In the Soviet Union, the murmurs started when the number of dead exceeded 50 thousand people, but this is the number of the population in 286 million. It turns out that it was required to kill 50 thousand people to see this war,” – said arestovich.

So he figured, how many more must die Russian military in the Donbas to Russia, the people have sounded the alarm about the senselessness of the war.

“Russia has a population of about 150 million. I think that collectively they have to lose in Ukraine of 30-50 thousand people. Then this problem will come to each house and it will become impossible to ignore and tell that they know nothing. Before that, they will have to endure. It will be a macro-action which will affect everyone and will have an effect on the whole country. The tolerance threshold, after which even the top management will start to leave, about 50-80 thousand people who will be killed during the war,” – said the military expert and added that the Russians in the Donbas are very large losses.

As told the mother of the captured Russian mercenary Viktor Ageev, “I believe that we are not there in Ukraine. It was the same official statement that is not our present. At least, I believed that trying (not to attend. – Ed.)”.