As changes in Europe will affect Ukraine

Elections in France and the UK outlined a number of trends that in one way or another will be deployed in the near future on the European continent and in the world. And Ukraine are at the forefront of world politics, these trends need to study well to learn from a changing Europe the maximum benefit for themselves.

The trend of the first barriers for populists. Here are the most indicative of the situation in France, where Emmanuel macron first won the presidential election, then his party “Go Republic!” received a stunning victory in the June elections to the National Assembly. But NetFront far-right marine Le Pen and their ideological opposites —the socialists suffered a crushing defeat. Rival of Macron in the presidential race Madame Le Pen for the first time became the member of National Assembly, however, the overall representation of her party, was shamefully small — less than ten mandates. The trouble with the National front in the fact that the conservatives of the party “the Republicans”, who have the opportunity to create an opposition block, be very careful with an Alliance with the far right. Those clearly today is not a trend. In Ukraine, unfortunately, we see a very different picture: the extreme right is on the March. Because official Kiev and is out of place with the world’s capitals.

Experts are still arguing about the recipe for success of the party of Macron, created just a year ago. First, the party of “Forward!” has abandoned the traditional ideology. She not left and not right. Its ideology — progressivism, reinforced a belief in the future of a United Europe with its values of social liberalism and Christian democracy. In contrast to the old conservatives, sink to europessimism, “Forward!” relied on the fact that the project of a United Europe is not only not exhausted, but able to withstand threats to its unity. In spite of the continued political earthquakes in the EU, proEuropean, even it sounds not so harmonious, brought the result — the French through their vote, have confirmed that they are in the EU and against the skeptics, had already managed to put some mines under in-situ building of the European home.

The second recipe success party of Macron in the abandonment of traditional formation of electoral lists. Western democracy developed a strong party system, in which the political future of a figure depends on its contribution to the party. On the one hand it is right, because in countries like Ukraine before the election to drive up to the party bosses, give them money and “deserves” to be in the top of the election list. What is political corruption and leads to irresponsibility and the MP, and the party as a whole. However, in Europe recently clearly manifested trend of mistrust in the party system, built on the old model. France was rocked by massive scandals related to cronyism, politicians, pristavali their relatives. Simply put, the French were convinced that the traditional parties only for the mind stick to the system you move up on merit, in fact everything is bought and sold. Unlike these parties, the lists of “go Republic!” were people who previously had no relationship to politics and therefore it is not spoiled. Macron risk, because experience has not been canceled. But the French liked the idea of a social Elevator for active citizens.

And, the third component of the recipe for success of the party of the French President — a fundamental rejection of corruption. As a candidate, macron in an interview with Le Parisien newspaper reported that plans to deal with the mores of French politics and start fighting with the conflict of interest. That is, to prevent politicians and members of the government to arrange for the positions of their relatives. This could not fail to please voters. There is not only a question of social justice but also the problem of slipping politics into a state of tribalism. As we see it in Ukraine, where the Parliament sit completely godfathers and cronies compatriot and pull one another in high office. Managerial skills are not important, the main thing that people worked on concepts. And look what happens in France after the parliamentary elections: the government of the new Prime Minister Edouard Philippe was faced with personnel problems because of the refusal of the posts of a number of potential Ministers. We are talking about allies of the party “Forward!” in the coalition, the center-right of the party MoDem. The leadership of this political force had been placed under surveillance of the investigators, establishing the facts of corruption. Political ally of the President of Macron accused of using money from the European Parliament for the salaries of party members, which actually didn’t work there. To suspicions fell on the whole coalition, representatives of the MoDem decided to step aside. Is it conceivable such in the Ukrainian realities? No, of course. And honesty need to learn if the Ukrainian politicians want to catch the train live Europe.

Today, on the continent macron and France — the political trendsetters. However, learned a lot, and the recent elections in Britain. In fact, they could not be, but the Prime Minister Theresa may decided to obtain from the British a vote of confidence for carrying out Breccia, and to this end went to restart Parliament. Very unfortunate for yourself: conservatives are forced to form a minority government with a rather peculiar allies, the unionists of Northern Ireland. However, their failure in the elections was predictable — for the British Brakcet was a cold shower, but the fact that the UK leaves the EU, British people tend to blame the conservatives playing at populism. Tectonic processes in Britain come amid a series of attacks. The latter were not committed by Islamists, and in revenge Muslims near the mosque. According to British intelligence, after Brexit, many citizens had the feeling of insecurity. The increasing opposition of the conservatives, Scottish separatism, religious issues is not all what you’re facing authorities since the beginning of the divorce process with the EU.

For Ukraine the political shake-up in Britain can have negative consequences. London all this time was a kind of a motor of the anti-Russian EU sanctions. Unfortunately, the internal problems of this state can push the Ukrainian issue on the back burner. However, British history has to teach the Ukrainian authorities of responsibility of the political class: I plan to finish the job or to carry out important reforms, go and ask permission from the people in the elections. Mei was not what I was hoping, but still part of the voters and continue to remain committed to the exit of the United Kingdom from the EU. So at least shaky support, but the conservatives still have.

And, the latest trend — Europe quarreled with America. Not yet completely, but between EU leaders and the administration of Donald trump has been a point of division. In Berlin, Paris and Brussels all the more clearly understand that the EU will have to survive without the brotherly shoulder in Washington. Torn Europe and the States is also a challenge for official Kiev. The recent visit of the President of Petro Poroshenko for the ocean testified that the Ukrainian authorities intend to curry favor with trump. As Alaverdi strengthened sanctions against Russia, European politicians have raised questions. No, there are sanctions, however, not the cavalry assaults. In the EU, many believe that Kiev is drawing closer too with the current us administration, is risking to alienate European leaders. They tend to deepen cooperation with our country, both economic and political, but I want to see Ukraine member of the European community, and not just an Outpost to promote the interests of trump in Europe. And how the Ukrainian authorities will be able to navigate in the new environment depends, will the Ukraine its place in Europe, where respect is predictable partners, and not those who are torn between the beautiful and the rich.