Why the US sanctions against Russia

A few days ago in the Senate, the upper house of Congress, by an absolute majority of the votes (98 of 100) was adopted the draft law (Bill) S. 722 on the consolidation of existing sanctions against Russia and Iran, with the possibility of extension of the sanctions list of both legal entities and individuals.

The bill condemns destabilizing, Russia’s aggressive actions, in particular the annexation of Crimea and fomenting war in the East of Ukraine, interference in internal Affairs of States neighbouring Russia. Calls on Russia to stop the violation of international law, withdraw its troops from the territory of Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova, as well as return those countries control their borders and respect the sovereignty of these countries. The law indicates strong support for Ukraine on the path of reforms, so the document for us is very positive.

But what is remarkable. Somehow, some analysts and experts as well as journalists were quick to say that the President of the United States Donald trump is sure waterwet the law, even if it passes the Lower House of Congress — the House of representatives. But I’m sure that trump will endorse the bill. Moreover, the fact that the draft law has passed the Senate, most likely, happened because of a tacit “blessing” of the President of the United States. After all, politics is the art of indirect actions.

Why Donald trump will sign this project? Having missed the story of the “showdown” around the RF interference in the US electoral process, a story that really puts pressure on trump and his administration, is to focus on another very important argument.

One of the very important points of the bill S. 722 provides that the United States government should give high priority to export its energy resources to create American jobs, support allies and partners and strengthening foreign policy.

The second, equally important point in the document suggests that the United States strongly supports the project “Northern Stream 2” and considers it so that destabilizie security in Central and Eastern Europe.

The President of the United States strongly supports U.S. leadership in the energy market, particularly oil and gas. However, there is not much he differs from his predecessors.

Edge out the competition in the gas market for the United States is one of the priority issues. Look at the situation around Qatar, the sanctions against Iran, it remains to eliminate from the market of Russia, which in turn, as correctly noted in the bill, and certainly well known by all Ukrainians, has always used the theme of the supply of gas as blackmail and aggression.

U.S. ready to help Ukraine in the future, ensuring energy security and independence from Russia, and this is a positive signal for us.

Thus, the development of the oil and gas sector for US it is a priority and space for Russia here. Perhaps, the Kremlin will begin to make decisions about the possibility of selling its assets to the oil and gas industry to American companies.

That these are important arguments, like the fact that most senators and congressmen of both parties support this bill, and say that the US President will sign this very important bill.